3 Parish Councillors, the Clerk, Mrs Anne Collins and 4 parishioners were present. In the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chairman Cllr Smith chaired the Meeting.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from Cllr Charles, Cllr Watts, Cllr
Pitter, Cllr Farr, CC/DC Humby, DC Mclean and DC Miller. PCSO Slater also sent her apologies.

Declarations of Interest declared.



(a) Church Copse Meeting with George Hollingbury MP Report. Clerk reported that a Meeting was held with George Hollingbury, the Forestry Commission, County and District Councillors with Parish Councillors and residents. All Officers are now well aware of the concerns regarding the Copse. TPO’s will be put on all the larger trees in the Copse by WCC, and if there is any further destruction or fly tipping then action will be taken. If the replacement trees are not planted by April, 2018 then Court action will be taken by the Forestry Commission.

(b) Double yellow lines at Beech Corner and end of Manor Road update. There is no further updated.

(c) Community Pay-back Scheme update. The volunteers are working well and clearing the hedge and ditches at the Recreation Ground.

(d) Play Area update. Steps to climbing frame enquiry. Clerk has ordered the wet pour and the swings, chains and rope for the play area. An enquiry was made for steps to get onto the climbing frame as at present there is wooden footholes to get up to the tower. Councillors were not sure if the climbing frame would accommodate steps as it was a ready-made frame. It was agreed that we would ask Playdale about the possibility when they deliver the wet pour and swings.

(e) Response from resident regarding encroachment onto Parish Council land. It was agreed that this item will be discussed at our next Meeting when all Councillors will be present.

(f) Enforcement Notice has been served on land in Durley Street. Clerk updated Councillors on the enforcement situation on land in Durley Street. The Enforcement Officer has notified the Parish Council that an Appeal has been lodged against the original Refusal of the Planning Application.

(g) Response from Curdridge PC regarding speed indication sign. A response was read out from Curdridge Parish Council stating that the signs are in constant use around the village so we would need to ask for a specific date and time. Cllr Delmege will liaise with the Clerk about possible sites and then we would need to contact HCC. We will then contact Curdridge again with a date.

(h) Buffer area Inspection Report. Councillors viewed the buffer area and agreed that any over-hanging branches can be cut down if they over-hang a neighbouring property. It was felt that no other action was required other than what Shawn was already doing.

(i) Southern Parishes Group Meeting Report. Clerk reported that the majority of the discussion was about highways and the Constitution of the Southern Parishes Group.

5. COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: CC Humby. There was no Report available.

6. DISTRICT COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS: DC Humby, DC Miller, DC Mclean. There was no Report available.

7. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ITEMS BY INVITATION OF THE CHAIRMAN. A resident present asked about the banning of HGV lorries through Durley. Clerk explained that this is an ongoing issue and we have tried for many years to achieve a width and weight restriction but with little success. The signs that we have are advisory and therefore it is not breaking the law to bring HGV’s through Durley. Clerk was asked if CC Humby could give us an update on the situation at our next Meeting. Clerk was also asked if AFS Transport could be asked if they could use the main Winchester Road rather than coming through Durley.


(a) Donation of seat at Durley Memorial Hall in memory of Pat Parker. Councillors agreed that this was a kind gesture and a letter of thanks will be sent to Pat’s family. It was agreed that a site for the seat would be agreed at the next Meeting. Councillors will look at the area opposite the main Hall door and the grass island in the car park just before our next Meeting.

(b) Agree seat for Durley Recreation Ground. Councillors agreed that the additional seat for the Recreation Ground would be with a table attached to the seat as this would provide additional resources, but would be of the same design. Clerk will apply for a CC Grant towards the cost. The siting of the seat will be agreed at a site visit at the Recreation Ground.

(c) National Highway and Transport Public Satisfaction Survey. This was noted.

(d) Insurance Renewal for 2017-18. Councillors agreed with the renewal of our present Insurance which is on a 3 year term. The cost will be £1,835.80.

(e) Enquiry about frequent electricity cuts in Durley. Clerk has received many complaints about frequent short power cuts in the village recently. Councillors agreed that an enquiry should be made to SSE. Cllr Smith has already written to SSE so it was agreed to wait until she receives a response. Clerk will put the 105 number in the Parish Magazine and on the website so that residents know the number to dial.

(f) Planning District Coach Tour – Friday 6th October. Cllr Charles has agreed to attend.

(g) WCC Parish Connect – September, 2017. Circulated via e-mail.

(h) CAB AGM – Monday 9th October 6.30 – 8.00 p.m. in Winchester. Cllr Delmege is already attending. Cllrs Bartlett and Smith will also attend. Clerk will inform CAB.

(i) Report in Parish Magazine regarding fly-tipping. Councillors felt that the report in the Parish Magazine was unjustified stating comments like “It is high time that the Parish Council addressed this matter with a proactive and effective response” and “Many residents are angry about the lack of action regarding the fly tipping in the village”. Durley Parish Council – along with many other parish councils spend alot of time reporting and giving information to various Authorities on the fly tipping in the area. Signs have been put up in the hot spots and these have worked well as there has been no fly tipping reports in these areas since the signs have been put up. Councillors felt that it was a pity that these residents who wish to publish incorrect facts do not come along to the Parish Council Meetings to see what hard work is carried out in their best interests. A response will be prepared for the Parish Magazine.

9. SCHOOL REPORT: No Report was available.

10. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH REPORT: A Report was sent via e-mail. The noticeboard backing at The Sawmills is getting water in it and coming away from the sides. Clerk said that this has already been a problem with this noticeboard as it is more exposed than the others. Clerk will ask Dave Farr to look at it and see if we can put a different backing on it to give the board some protection.

11. HIGHWAYS REPORT: Complaints about a vehicle parking in Parsonage Lane. Councillors agreed that HCC Highways should be informed as this vehicle is forcing other vehicles to go on the wrong side of the road on a blind bend. There has been many near accidents and this is a growing concern. WCC will also be informed as it is difficult for residents in the end Council property to come out of their driveway. Councillors suggested putting a bollard or sign stating “no parking” to stop vehicles from parking on this verge. The hedge is also very over-grown and is a safety concern. HCC will be asked if they can cut it back from the roadside.

12. FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Councillors agreed invoices presented by the Clerk and signed cheques as agreed.

13. HALL: Freezer. Quotes for new window in Committee Room. Cllr Charles was not at the
Meeting to give a quote for the window. Clerk has ordered some toilet door signs, including one for baby changing facilities. Cllr Bartlett offered to look at freezers at Wadd and Cllr Delmege will look at the freezer to check that it has not tripped out during the recent power cuts. The stage curtains have been cleaned. Cllr Smith has been asked if we could put a dishwasher in the Hall. This issue has been discussed before and Councillors agreed that there are not many bookings who have large amounts of washing-up and it was felt that cups would be left in the dishwasher and not available for the next hirer. It would also take up additional space in the kitchen. Councillors agreed that a dishwasher would not be purchased.

14. RECREATION GROUND: No Report available.


17/01792/HOU. Mr and Mrs Wren. Single storey first floor extension to create a new bedroom. 12 The Sawmills, Durley. Councillors had no objections to this application. The application has now been APPROVED.

17/01995/HOU. Mr Campbell-James. Construction of a triple car barn/garage, driveway extension and associated works. Swallows Barn, Stapleford Lane, Durley. Councillors had no comments to make on this application.

Clarification of enquiry regarding barn in Durley Hall Lane. Clerk informed Councillors that WCC were aware of the situation with the barn, and although permission has been approved once work commences the Planning Department will ask for justification, the applicant will then have to justify his application.

Meeting with George Hollingbery MP and other Councillors from local Parish Councils to discuss the Eastleigh proposed plans in the area and the impact it would have on surrounding parishes. Cllr Pitter and the Clerk attended this Meeting on Friday 8th September. Clerk reported that the impact on the highways infrastructure which is already congested is the main concern. Environmental damage was also discussed and it was agreed that the ADD Group would co-ordinate local interests and liaise with WCC, CPRE, the Woodland Trust and other organisations. It was noted that HCC had a conflict of interest as it was advising EBC on traffic matters. District Councillors, along with our MP’s would put pressure where they can at a higher level. The next Meeting will be arranged for November.

Public Consultation on proposals for Uplands Farm Estate. Exhibitions to be held on Friday 22nd September from 2.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. at the Botley Centre, High Street, Botley and Saturday 23rd September from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. at Hedge End 2000 Centre, St Johns Road, Hedge End. Clerk will advertise this on the noticeboards and website so that residents can attend if they wish.

CLOSED AT 9.15 p.m.