Durley Parish Council held their Annual Parish Assembly on Tuesday 9th April, 2019 in Durley Memorial Hall, Durley. 7 Parish Councillors, District Councillor Mclean, the Clerk – Mrs Anne Collins, PCSO Slater and 11 parishioners were present.


Apologies were received from County/District Councillor Humby and District Councillor Miller.


Cllr Charles (Chairman) commenced the Meeting by introducing Cllr Watts, Cllr Pitter, Cllr Delmege, Cllr Smith, Cllr Bartlett and Cllr Clegg, along with the Clerk and District Councillor Mclean. PCSO Slater arrived mid-way through the Meeting to give a Police Report.


Cllr Charles gave a Chairman’s Report summarising the work the Parish Council has achieved or been working towards throughout this year. The double yellow lines at Beech Corner and at the junction of Manor Road/Robin Hood have now been installed after many years of asking for this to be done. Many compliments have been received not only from residents but drivers who travel through the village who say that these areas are safer now. The Speed Indicator sign is working well and Cllr Delmege was thanked for all his hard work in installing and moving the sign on a regular basis. The statistics are also collected. The Parish Council was also involved in the World War One commemorations and applied for a Grant towards the cost of this village event. It was a very successful day and many residents attended. A Grant from the Community Infrustructure Levy has been applied for to pay for the proposed School Crossing outside of Quob Stables. Unfortunately no result is known yet, as the proposal has to go to a WCC Cabinet Meeting before a decision is made. Councillors have been working closely with the Environment Agency, WCC and HCC to get Church Copse re-planted. Cllr Delmege walks the footpaths in Durley and the Parish Lengthsman clears them if they get over-grown. Cllr Pitter was thanked for all his hard work on the highways in Durley. Many Meetings have been attended by various Councillors throughout the year on behalf of the Parish Council and Durley residents. Cllr Smith and Cllr Bartlett are Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Hall Committee and have kept the Hall in good order and overseen any issues which arose over the year. Cllr Watts was thanked for her work at the Recreation Ground and making sure that any maintenance work is carried out when required. Cllr Clegg is new to the role of Parish Councillor so did not have a specific role, but she was thanked for the contribution she has made this year. At the end of his Report the Chairman thanked the Clerk, County/District Councillor Humby, District Councillor Mclean and District Councillor Miller for their hard work over the year.


The Clerk gave a Financial Report for the Year End 2018-19. Details of the Income and Expenditure were given out and the Clerk explained that finance has been earmarked for the new Memorial Hall floor (£11,000 of Grant funding is already in the account), Sawmills roadway, Sawmills maintenance and village gateway signs. The Accounts were signed by the Chairman and Clerk ready for the Internal Audit. Councillors thanked the Clerk for all her hard work with the accounts of the Parish.


Cllr Pitter gave a Highways Report saying that he has reported many pot holes throughout the year by photographing the pot hole and sending the picture to HCC Highways via the on-line system. This works well. It was pointed out that residents are able to report any pot holes that they see via www.hants.gov.uk/transport/roadmaintenance/roadproblems or go to the link on the Durley Parish Council website under useful information.


Cllr Smith gave a Hall Report. She started her report with the sad death or our well loved Hall Caretaker – John Sillence. John was a dedicated Hall Caretaker and in his memory bulbs have been planted around Pat Parker’s memorial seat in the Hall car park, and in other locations around the village. Donna Shorney has now taken over permanently as the Hall Caretaker. The new Hall floor will be laid over a 2 week period at the end of May. Cllr Smith thanked all the Hall Management Committee for their hard work over the year and also Cllr Charles, Cllr Pitter and Neil Ellen for all the maintenance work that they have done at the Hall. The Hall hirers were thanked for their support along with Anne Collins for taking the Hall bookings. Peter and Shawn have kept the car park tidy and have carried out maintenance work when needed.


County/District Councillor Humby was not able to attend the Meeting but sent his thanks to Parish Councillors and the Clerk for all their hard work in Durley over the past year.


District Councillor Mclean gave a District Council Report and he outlined the work that the 3 District Councillors carry out over the year at WCC. He informed residents about the Council Tax bill which has been frozen this year and the work on the new District Sports Centre at Bar End which has commenced. 3 new business units will be available in Lower Lane, Bishops Waltham. The Station Approach project in Winchester is progressing and the new glass kerbside collection will start in September, 2019. All the District Councillors have worked hard throughout this year supporting Durley Parish Council in any way that they are able.


PCSO Stephanie Slater was present and gave the Police Report. She informed residents of statistics which might be of interest.   PCSO Slater was asked about the parking along Durley Brook Road recently when there was a funeral. Vehicles were parked on the pavement, across entrances so that residents could not get in or out of their properties. PCSO Slater did not know about the incident but will look it up when she returns to work


A general discussion took place about the broadband speeds around the village. Durley comes under two exchanges – Bishops Waltham and Southampton. Cllr Pitter has looked into this for Durley Parish Council and it is accepted that the broadband speeds do vary depending on where you are in the village, and how near you are to a cabinet. The situation will be reviewed again.


There were no further questions so the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the Meeting.


Anne Collins

Clerk to Durley Parish Council