Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Durley Parish Council is required to maintain a retention schedule listing the record series which it creates in the course of its business. The retention schedule sets out the length of time which the record needs to be retained and the action which should be taken when it is of no further administrative use to Durley Parish Council.


The schedule below shows how Durley Parish Council retain their records for audit.


Document Minimum retention period Reason for retention
Signed Minutes of Council Meetings (hard copy) Indefinite Archived with Hampshire Records Office after 2 years
Scale of fees and charges 6 years Management
Receipt and payment accounts (hard copy) Indefinite Archived
Receipt books 6 years Audit
Invoice books 6 years Audit
Bank statement of all bank accounts Last completed Audit year Audit
Bank paying-in books Last completed Audit year Audit
Cheque book stubs Last completed Audit year Audit
Quotations and tenders 6 years Management
Paid invoices 6 years VAT/Audit
VAT records 6 years VAT/Audit
Payroll records 12 years Superannuation
Insurance policies While valid Management
Certificates for insurance against liability for employees 40 years from date from when insurance commenced or was renewed The Employer’s Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Regulations 1998 (SI.2753), Management
Investments Indefinite Audit/Management
Title Deeds, Leases, Agreements, Contracts Indefinite Audit/Management
Planning Applications Until considered by Council. All Applications are held on-line by WCC or HCC Planning and enforcement
Public Consultation surveys Retain as long as useful or consultation completed Management


PLEASE NOTE:   Documents are stored in the Clerk’s Office or in the County Archives at Winchester.