The Monthly Meeting of Durley Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 8th March, 2016 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall, Durley at 7.30 p.m.


1. Apologies for Absence:

2. Any Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct.

3. Agree Minutes of previous Meeting held on 9th February, 2016.

4. Matters arising:

(a) Drainage at The Sawmills.
(b) Updating of Emergency Plan for Durley.
(c) Flooding at Beech Corner Meeting Report. CC Humby/Clerk to report.
(d) Village website update – Cllr Burton to report.
(e) School lay-by proposal progress.
(f) Response from enquiry regarding phone mast.
(g) “Clean for the Queen” Litter Picking Campaign in Durley.
(h) Update on Village Event to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday.
(i) Report on HCC Devolution Workshop – Cllr Charles and Clerk.

5. County Councillor’s Report: CC Humby.

6. District Councillors’ Reports: DC Humby and DC Ruffell.

7. Public Participation items by invitation of the Chairman.

8. Correspondence:

(a) E-mails and responses regarding fly-tipping in Durley.
(b) HCC Walking Strategy Consultation.

Any correspondence received after this Agenda has been printed, and received before 8th March will be brought to this Meeting.

9. School Report:

10. Neighbourhood Watch Report:

11. Highways Report: Cllr Farr to report.

12. Financial Transactions: Councillors to agree invoices presented by the Clerk and sign cheques as agreed.

13. Hall: Hall foyer refurbishment. Wall lights in Hall.

14. Recreation Ground: Guttering.

15. Planning:

16/00168/APN. Mr Ozmen Safa. Proposed storage barn. Land between Durley
Street and Durley Hall Lane, Durley. OBJECTION RAISED.

Any planning applications or decisions received after this Agenda is printed, but received before 8th March will be put to this Meeting for a decision so that Planning deadlines can be met.

Mrs A Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council
1st March, 2016