The Monthly Meeting of Durley Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 11th February, 2020 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall, Durley at 7.30 p.m.


1. Apologies for Absence: Cllr Rappini.

2. Any Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct.

3. Agree Minutes of previous Meetings held on 14th January, 2020.

4. Matters arising:

(a) Update on table/seating at The Sawmills by Cllr Miller.
(b) Alternative options to speed signs at each end of the village – Cllr Delmege.
(c) Updating of website – Cllr Delmege.
(d) Public Broadband Meeting.
(e) Update on footpaths – Cllr Brenchley/Clerk.
(f) Older childrens’ play equipment – ideas/prices. Report on Meeting with youngsters.
(g) Cabinet for School defibrillator.
(h) WW2 commemorations in Durley – Cllr Delmege/Clerk. Report on Meeting held on 6.2.20.
(i) School Crossing Project – Clerk to report on progress.
(j) Planning Training – 20.2.20 at 6.30 p.m.
(k) Response from HCC Highways regarding damage to verges in Manor Road.
(l) Responses about possible closure of Wangfield Lane.
(m) Report on Southern Parishes Meeting (3.2.20) – Cllr Delmege/Clerk.

5. County Councillor’s Report: CC Humby.

6. District Councillors’ Reports: DC Humby, DC Miller and DC Mclean.

7. Public Participation items by invitation of the Chairman.

8. Correspondence:

(a) Planning proposal for land adjacent to Sunnyside, Durley Street, Durley.
(b) Fly-tipping issues in Durley – including a dumped caravan in Manor Road.

Any correspondence received after this Agenda has been printed, and received before 11th February will be brought to this Meeting.

9. School Report:

10. Recreation Ground Report: Cllr Watts to report. Clerk has acquired more WCC dog fouling signs.

11. Sawmills Report: Cllr Rutherford to report. Maintenance of the Sawmills for 2020/21.

12. Neighbourhood Watch Report: Cllr Watts to report.

13. Highways Report: Cllr Rappini to report. Flooding in Stapleford Lane and reported blockage of water course – Cllr Delmege to report.

14. Financial Transactions: Councillors to agree invoices presented by the Clerk and sign cheques as agreed. ¾ year Internal Audit Report has been completed.

15. Hall: Hall Report – Cllr Miller. Clerk to report on CC Grant towards the additional electrical work and new unit to house the dishwasher. Interest in re-starting up a Youth Club in Durley.

16. Planning:

19/02419/FUL. Mrs Reeves. Resubmission application for revised storage area. Use of land for storage of caravans/campervans in addition to the agricultural use which would be retained. Shady Oaks Farm, Durley Brook Road, Durley. Planning Committee Meeting – 18th February at 9.30 a.m.

19/02478/FUL. Mr Saint. Proposed detached single storey office unit. The Barn, Church Lane, Durley. Permitted.

19/02854/HOU. Mr Madgewick. Construction of two storey side extension. Lower Cottage, 3 Kytes Lane, Durley.

19/02691/PNACOU. Mr & Mrs Drake. Change of use of agricultural building to dwellinghouse (C3) and associated operational development. Barn to the rear of Karma, Manor Road, Durley.

19/02792/FUL. Mr P Leech. Change of use of an agricultural barn, to the development of a replacement building to house an indoor swimming pool, gym, storage and carport to be connected to the existing dwelling. Durley Oaks, Durley Hall Lane, Durley.

Any planning applications or decisions received after this Agenda is printed, but received before 11th February will be put to this Meeting for a decision so that Planning deadlines can be met.

Mrs A Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council
5th February, 2020