5 Parish Councillors, County/District Councillor Humby, the Clerk, Mrs Anne Collins and 5 parishioners were present.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from Cllr Bartlett, DC Miller and DC Mclean.

Declarations of Interest made.



(a) Double yellow lines at Beech Corner and end of Manor Road update. DC Miller has informed the Clerk that this is with the Legal Team at WCC. It is hoped that advertising will commence within the next 2 weeks.

(b) Community Pay-back Scheme update. Paint for equipment and Pavilion. Clerk reported that the clearance of the ditches and hedging at the Recreation Ground is nearly completed and on 18th October the volunteers are going to start painting the play equipment, multi-surface equipment and Pavilion. Cllr Charles will liaise with Colin Watts to purchase the paint required.

(c) Encroachment onto Parish Council land. Councillors agreed that a visit should be made as soon as a pathway is cleared. Cllr Charles reminded the resident that they do not have permission to be on Parish Council land and that we have a duty of care for residents who live in the adjoining properties and that the original complaints came from residents who had severe allergic reactions to bees and wasps. Councillors will meet and view the area.

(d) Suggested sites for speed indication sign. Cllr Delmege has been in contact with HCC Highways and is hoping to meet an Officer to discuss possible sites for the signs. Once this is carried out then we can discuss what sort of signs to have and test the Curdridge sign. Costings will also have to be agreed.

(e) Agree siting of seat at Durley Memorial Hall. The Hall Committee agreed that the memorial seat in memory of Pat Parker could be sited opposite the main entrance to the Hall under the tree. Parish Councillors agreed with this decision. The Parker family will install the seat.

(f) Seat and table for Recreation Ground – arrange site visit to agree siting. Grant approved. The seat and table will be arriving this Wednesday so it was agreed that a site visit would be made after its arrival. Clerk will then claim the Grant.

(g) Planning District Coach Tour – Friday 6th October. Report by Cllr Charles. Cllr Charles said that he had visited sites in Winchester, Bishops Waltham, Swanmore and Waltham Chase. He found the trip interesting, but tiring.

(h) CAB AGM – Cllr Delmege reported on the AGM and said that fund raising is still important and getting more difficult to compete with other fund raising organisations. 90% of the income comes from WCC and Parish Councils, but this does not cover the expenditure. Thanks were given for their continued support.

(i) Response to fly-tipping letter has been put in Parish Magazine. Clerk was informed that there was not enough space for the Parish Council to put in a response so it had to be included as a separate sheet of paper. Councillors felt that this was not satisfactory as information from the Parish Council should take priority over some items which are published which have no connection to Durley or could be left until the following month. It was agreed that the situation will be kept monitored.

(j) The Chairman and Clerk reported on the HALC 70th Anniversary Event that they had just attended in Winchester prior to this Meeting. Cllr Charles said that there were two speakers and refreshments. Many Councils were represented.

(k) Botley to BW Bridleway Meeting. Clerk attended the Meeting and gave a Report.

5. COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: CC Humby reported that savings needed to be made within HCC over the next two years so suggestions were being put forward to make these savings. These included School crossing patrols, waste recycling centres and free bus passes. Some of these measures need Policy changes. CC Humby also spoke about average speed cameras and the Sub National Transport Body. CC Humby will also speak to Andy Smith about the lorry count which was agreed for Durley Street.

6. DISTRICT COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS: DC Humby, DC Miller, DC Mclean. There was no separate District Councillors’ Report.

7. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ITEMS BY INVITATION OF THE CHAIRMAN. Members of the public were present but were invited to speak when their item was raised in the Agenda.


(a) Letter of resignation from Cllr Farr. Councillors were disappointed that Cllr Farr was resigning from the Parish Council after 6 years of service to the Durley community. A letter of thanks will be sent to Sue and advertising will commence to fill the vacancy.

(b) External Audit completed and returned. Clerk reported that the External Audit was satisfactory and has been placed on the village noticeboard and website.

(c) Parish Councillor Training – Code of Conduct. Cllr Bartlett attended.

(d) Response regarding Width & Weight restriction through Durley from Cllr Humby. CC Humby said that implementing a weight restriction does not meet the casualty reduction and could not be considered a priority over other safety led schemes. These schemes are not wholly supported by the Police as they are difficult to enforce. HCC also do not wish to displace problems onto other nearby, and perhaps less appropriate routes. Cllr Charles said that Durley has been pushing for a width and weight restriction for many years and some places in Durley Street are impossible for 2 large vehicles to pass. Clerk will ask Andy Smith about the lorry count which was promised. A resident attending said that it was too dangerous for his children to walk from their property to the bus stop outside of The Robin Hood as there is no pavement and the traffic is so fast.

(e) Response from HCC Highways regarding Parsonage Lane. HCC have put in an order to get it cut as it is a safety concern. Clerk reported that the hedge has been cut. The vehicle parking opposite 1 Hazeldene will be followed up by WCC.

(f) Request to HGV Company concerning their lorries. Cllr Pitter spoke to the owner of the Company involved and he was assured that lorries are asked to turn right onto the Winchester Road rather than going through Durley. It appears that the lorries which were seen must have been temporary drivers.

9. SCHOOL REPORT: No School Report was available.

10. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH REPORT: Cllr Watts reported that there was nothing for Durley, apart from one resident who phoned to say that someone had entered her garden whilst she was out. This should be reported to the Police. Clerk reported that drawing pins had been put into the hole where the key goes in on the Sawmills noticeboard. The problem had been rectified and different drawing pins will be used in future.

11. HIGHWAYS REPORT: Cllr Pitter said that he had met with the resident living in Three Gables, Stapleford Lane regarding the ditch which was dug out by HCC a year ago. The resident suggested that it would be better to fill in the ditch and put a pavement down. Councillors agreed that they would not support this as the flooding of properties was a major concern in this area, and to date there has been no more serious flooding. Clerk will respond to the resident.

12. FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Councillors agreed invoices presented by the Clerk and signed cheques as agreed. A Meeting will need to be arranged to set the Budget for 2017-18. Clerk will circulate possible dates.

13. HALL: Freezer – this has been emptied and switched off, but Lunch Club are not sure at the moment if they do need a freezer or not. They will let Clerk know. Quote for new window in Committee Room. Cllr Charles will chase this up.

14. RECREATION GROUND: Cllr Watts reported that everything is working well at the moment.


17/02160/HOU. Mr W Croot. Reconstruction and extension of house following a major fire. Ground floor to be extended to side (in line with original building line) and rear to be extended by 2.6m. Hipped roof to be extended with a side and rear dormers. All external materials and finishes are to match the originals. Buena Vista, Durley Brook Road, Durley. Councillors agreed that a comment should be made saying that the extension might over-shadow the property which is adjacent, and this should be a consideration when agreeing the size and mass of the extension. Councillors were also concerned that the work has already commenced before planning permission has been approved.

17/01831/FUL. Mr C Page. Change of use of land to a private gypsy and traveller caravan site consisting of one mobile home, one touring caravan and conversion of part existing stable into utility dayroom. Land to the east of Maybank Cottage, Durley Hall Lane, Durley. Many residents have telephoned objecting to this application, along with residents attending the Meeting and Councillors therefore agreed that an Objection should be made on the same grounds as the previous gypsy site application in Durley Street. There are enough sites allocated within the Winchester District for Gypsies and Travellers within the Winchester Local Plan so there is no need for additional sites.

An Appeal has been lodged against WCC on behalf of Mr T Keet for Refusal of Planning Application (16/03090/FUL) to use land as gypsy and traveller caravan site consisting of 4 pitches, each containing 1 mobile home, 1 touring caravan, 1 semi detached utility building, play area and associated development in field adjacent Berkeley Farm, Durley Street, Durley.

An Appeal has been lodged against WCC on behalf of Mr T Keet against an Enforcement action (17/00051/ENF) on field adjacent Berkeley Farm, Durley Street, Durley. Since the Appeals have been lodged a further mobile home has been installed on the site. The Enforcement Officer has visited and will inform the Planning Inspectorate of the additional mobile home.

17/01519/FUL. Mr Gardener. Amended plans for the erection of a new 3 bedroom detached dwelling with link attached garage following the demolition of the existing garage (Amendment to 16/00940/FUL). Land adjacent to Well Cottage, Mincingfield Lane, Durley. Councillors agreed that no further comments would be made.