5 Parish Councillors, the Clerk (Mrs Anne Collins) and 3 School representatives were present.


  1. Election of Officers:


Chairman – Cllr Smith proposed Cllr Charles. Cllr Delmege seconded this proposal. All Councillors were in agreement and Cllr Charles was duly Elected.

As all Councillors were willing to serve a further year in their capacity the following were proposed and seconded, and duly elected:


Vice Chairman –Cllr Watts was duly Elected.

Hall Management Committee Chairman – Cllr Smith was duly elected.

Hall Management Committee Vice Chairman – Cllr Bartlett was duly Elected.

Highways Officer – Cllr Pitter was duly Elected.

Footpaths Officer – Cllr Delmege was duly Elected.

Recreation Ground Chairman – Cllr Watts was duly Elected.

Transport Representative – Cllr Pitter was duly Elected.


Cllr Clegg was happy to help where required as she is new to the Council.


  1. Congratulate recently elected District Councillor. Clerk informed Councillors that DC Miller has been re-elected as our District Councillor.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from Cllr Pitter, Cllr Bartlett, CC/DC Humby, DC Miller and DC Mclean.








(a)        Dog fouling stickers from WCC to put up. Clerk has obtained some signs from the WCC Dog Warden to put up at The Sawmills and the Recreation Ground. A camera was suggested to catch dog fouling offenders if the problem continues.


(b)        Community Payback Scheme – painting of Pavilion. A response has been received stating that we will not be charged for the painting work in the Pavilion which was not satisfactory. The work has now been rectified. DFC will complete the painting in the Pavilion. The high work on the multi-surface court is the only painting remaining to be carried out.


(c)        Arrange Inspection Meeting around The Sawmills for early June. It was agreed that Clerk will circulate dates for mid-June when Cllr Charles is back from holiday.


(d)        Update on SID signs. Cllr Delmege. Clerk has put in an order for the signs. A Licence was required from HCC and this has now been signed. Cllr Delmege reported that 6 locations have been agreed with HCC for siting the posts. It is hoped that they will be sited in June.


(e)        Report on Meeting to discuss commemorations for WW1. Cllr Delmege, Cllr Watts and the Clerk attended a Meeting at the School on 20th April. Discussion took place about the way in which the whole village could get involved. The Hall will be used for an exhibition provided by the History Society, an Evening event run by the Parish Council, Church service and the lighting of a beacon on the Sunday. School children will be involved in finding out about the local war veterans who lost their lives, and it is hoped that village organisations will get involved in various ways. The next Meeting will be held on 8th June in the Parish Council Meeting Room.


(f)        Table/seating for The Sawmills Green. Donations update from Cllr Bartlett. Clerk reported that Cllr Bartlett was unable to attend the Meeting, but she has received positive feedback from the business units for some sponsorship for the seating.


(g)        WDAPC Meeting held on 16.4.18. Cllr Charles/Clerk to report. The main discussion was about the new GDPR Regulations, speeding bikes on the A272 and future topics for discussion.


(h)        Parsonage Lane footpath/cycleway has been cleared. Clerk has received many compliments on the footpath since it has been cleared back. The drain under Parsonage Lane appears to be blocked again so Clerk will report it to HCC.


  1. COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: Cllr Humby. No Report was available.


  1. DISTRICT COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS: DC Humby, DC Miller, DC Mclean. No Report was available.


  1. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ITEMS BY INVITATION OF THE CHAIRMAN. There were no members of the public present.




(a)        Fly-tipping in Greenwood Lane at Church Copse. Fly-tipping has been reported in Church Copse, Greenwood Lane. As this is on private land Clerk has sent the information onto HCC and WCC as this is an ongoing case with the Enforcement Team.


(b)        Southern Parishes Speedwatch Group. Clerk read out a letter asking if DPC could share any equipment for speedwatch. As we have no speedwatch group or equipment we would not be able to help. In the past we have asked for volunteers to form a Group, but they were not forthcoming.


(c)        Parking at The Sawmills. An e-mail was read out about parking problems at The Sawmills when the business unit workers use the roads in the residential areas to park. As the business units are not owned by the Parish Council it was agreed that there was little that we could do. Clerk did suggest to the resident that perhaps residents could write to the business unit owners and inform them of the problem. Parking at the Pre-school is a problem for residents so the Clerk will write to the Leanne to ask if they could make the car park available for use when needed and also ask parents to park considerately and not arrive before their pick up time.


(d)        Rural Housing Meeting – An affordable housing scheme in every parish. This was noted, but as we did have an affordable housing scheme in the past Durley would not wish to have another one at the moment.


(e)        HCC Parish Lengthsman Scheme 2018-19. Clerk confirmed that £1,000 has been received for Durley to spend on the Scheme. Curdridge and Upham have now joined our cluster.


(f)        The Draft Legal Agreement was received for the transfer of the land for the Thresher Room car park from Persimmon Homes to the Thresher Room trustees. Councillors agreed with the condition stating that the car park should be used as a car park or as an outdoor facility when not required as a car park. This was as it was originally agreed when the development was approved.


  1. SCHOOL REPORT: Kirstie Baines (Headteacher), Holly Wood and Nick Apps attended the Meeting and informed Parish Councillors of the issues they are covering to make the journey to School as safe as possible. They are updating their School Travel Plan and educating the children about sensible, considerate parking. The PCSO is hopefully going to educate the parents. It was brought to the attention of the Parish Council that Footpath 10 could be blocked and as it will soon be Walk to School Week it was agreed that this would be looked into and cut if required. The footpath leading from the Memorial Hall to the School will also be kept cut back as much as possible. Kirstie informed Councillors of their plans for the future of the School track. It is hoped that a representative from the School will be able to attend the Parish Council Meetings to give a short Report each month. If this is not possible, then a written Report will be read out.


  1. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH REPORT: Cllr Watts reported that the Nottingham Knockers have been in Durley and this has been reported to the Police. Thefts from vans, cars and sheds have been a problem. Sometimes if hedges are too high this can be a hiding place for potential burglars.


  1. HIGHWAYS REPORT: Village gateway signs. Andy Burton and Ian Medd from the Parish Plan Team have been in touch with a design team and are checking the agreed village entry signs with HCC before an order is placed. It is hoped that these signs will be installed over the summer. Councillors agreed that flowers planted below the village entry signs would enhance the signs even more. It was suggested that perhaps residents would plant bulbs and flowers in “their patch” around the village, similar to bulbs planted in Stapleford Lane. The salt bin in Wintershill has been knocked over. Clerk will report this to HCC.


  1. FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Councillors agreed the invoices presented by the Clerk and signed cheques.


  1. HALL: Hall floor quotes – no further progress. Window in Committee Room – no further progress. The First Aid Notice and a Notice on the trollies for the tables have been done. Cllr Charles will repair the fridge door and provide a steamer for the cleaner to use. A Hall Meeting will be arranged in mid-June. Clerk reported that the Caretaker is still unwell at the moment. Quotes were received and read out for the LED lighting in the main Hall and the media screen. Cllr Charles will discuss these with Neil Ellen. Alternative quotes will be required if we proceed, but at the present time we will not be proceeding with the LED lighting unless the quotes are lower.


  1. RECREATION GROUND: Cllr Watts to report. Cllr Charles, Cllr Watts, Cllr Delmege and the Clerk met at the Recreation Ground with the Peter the Parish Lengthsman to discuss the tree branches which are to be removed from trees on our boundary. They also looked at the bridge which was put across the ditch/stream. A letter from our Solicitor was sent to the owner and the bridge has now been removed from the ditch/stream, but it is still on the bank which Councillors agreed was not satisfactory as children could have access to it and put the bridge back, also there is still a possibility that the owner could put the bridge back to access the Recreation Ground. We have been advised by our Solicitor that we have no alternative but to put a fence up to block any future potential access. Councillors agreed that they would like to plant a holly bush and perhaps put a fence around it to protect it and block access. Councillors declined an offer to walk with the owner along this part of Durley Street as they are fully aware of the traffic situation. Clerk will respond to the bridge owner as Parish Councillors suggested.

Cllr Watts said that there was a problem when a resident organised a birthday party without booking the Pavilion. There was a football match on the same day and parking would have been a problem. However, Cllr Watts met with the hirer and she completed a booking form and made sure that the party ended just before the footballers arrived. The contact details for booking the Recreation Ground/Pavilion are on the Parish Council website and anyone who wishes to book a party should contact Cllr Watts so that toilet facilities can be opened and bookings do not clash. Cllr Smith said that the fence at The Sawmills play area still needs to be replaced.




18/00400/HOU. Mr and Mrs Manzi. 1 ½ storey rear and side extensions, roof alterations including 2 no. front and 2 no. rear dormers and front porch with canopy. Green Acre, Durley Street, Durley. GRANTED.


17/03081/FUL. Mr S Charles. Proposed erection of two detached infill three-bedroomed houses. Land north of The Nook, Kytes Lane, Durley. REFUSED.


X/18/82986. Land to the north west of Boorley Green, Winchester Road, Boorley Green. Variation of Condition 12 of outline planning permission (O/15/75953) to enable foul drainage to be carried out in accordance with either the approved Flood Risk Assessment or details set out in the Foul Sewerage Assessment. Councillors agreed that this Condition should remain as it makes sure that the drainage is installed before the development of the houses. We would not wish to see the drainage put in after the houses as this could cause issues for residents living in the development and further away. Clerk will send in our comment.


18/00538/FUL. Mr and Mrs Curran. Demolition and replacement of two agricultural buildings. Oakdale Farm, Durley Hall Lane, Durley. GRANTED.


18/00457/HOU. Mr Fernandes. Single storey side and rear extension following demolition of existing garage. Beech Corner Cottage, Durley Brook Road, Durley. GRANTED.


18/00894/HOU. Mrs North. Single storey rear extension. 2 Swift Cottage, Heathen Street, Durley. Councillors had no objection to this application.