Cllr Delmege (Chairman), Cllr Childs, Cllr Watts, Cllr Rutherford, Cllr Miller, Cllr Brenchley, County/District Councillor Humby, District Councillor Mclean, the Clerk (Mrs Anne Collins) and 4 parishioners were present. Jon Callcutt and Mark Foyle were also in attendance from New Leaf Developments Ltd.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from Cllr Rappini and District Councillor Miller.

Interest in item 16 – Appeal against Enforcement Notice at Peach Cottage, Durley Street as she is a neighbour.



(a) Update on table/seating at The Sawmills by Cllr Miller. Cllr Miller reported that she has sent an e-mail to Vivien and offered to meet to discuss working together, but there has been no response. It was agreed that this item should be moved forwards so Cllr Miller will approach the businesses.

(b) Speed signs at each end of the village – Cllr Delmege said that he is still investigating which signs to install. The best option was from the Company that we purchased our SID sign from at a cost of £3,475 plus the cost of the posts. Councillors agreed that we should go with this quote. Clerk read out an e-mail from a resident who lives in The Sawmills regarding the speed of vehicles – especially office workers going through the development, and the attitude of some drivers. We are still waiting for HCC to higher the post so that the SID can be sited. Clerk will forward the e-mail onto Cllr Delmege so that he can see that we need the SID sign up as soon as possible he can then forward this onto HCC.

(c) Emergency Plan for Durley (communication with residents) – Cllr Brenchley to report on discussion with Andy Burton. Cllr Brenchley reported that he has spoken to Andy and the best option seems to be to use the village facebook page to put up information. The Clerk will continue to give Andy information that has to go on facebook until the new website is up and running.

(d) Parish Council Newsletter – distribution to residents. Clerk has printed 450 copies of the Newsletter and has evenly distributed them to 5 Councillors and herself. It is hoped that one can be given to every household in Durley before the end of November.

(e) Public Broadband Event with HCC. Clerk read out the latest response from HCC Broadband Team. It appears that they do not really want to come to Durley and talk to residents in a Public Meeting, but would rather individual residents contact them. Councillors agreed that a Public Meeting where residents could ask questions would be the best option for Durley. The Clerk will write to HCC Broadband Team with our response and copy CC Humby in, along with Patrick Blogg and Glen Peacey of HCC.

(f) Update on footpaths – Cllr Brenchley/Clerk. There is no further update as the issue with the stiles is with the Rights of Way Officer.

(g) Older childrens’ play equipment – ideas/prices. Cllr Rutherford said that suggestions made by the youngsters included, a log item, spider swing, monkey bars, gym/keep fit equipment, zip wire and a rotating swing like Upham has. Clerk will look at prices for these items and see if any Grants could be available. Fund raising will need to be carried out, along with putting some finance into the Budget for the cost and maintenance of this new equipment.

(h) Draft Transport Strategy Launch – Cllr Childs reported that he attended the Launch and said that this will go out to public consultation before being presented to the Government. The Strategy looks at upgrading the railways, public transport, access to the airport etc. Cllr Childs felt that there was not much meat on the bones. CC Humby explained that the Transport Strategy Launch is trying to lobby the Government and is not a Highways Authority.

(i) Request to Durley Primary School asking if their Defibrillator could be sited outside. Cllr Delmege to report on response. Cllr Delmege has spoken to Kirsty briefly but will speak to her again.

(j) WW2 commemorations in Durley. Ideas to take to Meeting. As there was not much time available Councillors were asked to send any suggestions to Cllr Delmege before the next Meeting on 25th November. The Clerk reported that the WW1 Memorial Plague has been completed. Jamie Balfour will bring it to the WW2 Meeting and give it to Cllr Delmege.

(k) CIL Funding Bid from Parish Council approved to provide School Crossing. Clerk reported that she has now had confirmation that the CIL Funding Bid from the Parish Council has been approved. Agree next steps. It was agreed that Anne would contact Kirsty to progress the project. Any Planning Permission would need to be sought if required.

(l) Agree Notes from Meeting held on 24.10.19 regarding potential development at Quob Stables. The Clerk has circulated the Notes from our Meeting and these were agreed and will be attached to these Minutes. Notes were also received from Wessex Planning and Councillors agreed that there was no need to agree and sign these Notes. The Clerk will respond in this vein and send a copy of our Notes.

(m) Report on Southern Parishes Meeting (21.10.191). Cllr Delmege and the Clerk attended the Meeting and reported that the main speaker was Richard Smith from WCC talking about Ecology and Biodiversity. The Local Enforcement Plan, Planning Charter, Eastleigh Local Plan and other issues affecting local parishes were discussed.

5. COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: CC Humby reported that savings need to be made across the
Council. The full Council Meeting has been looking at the Budget costs. There has been an under-investment in the highways network and it is hoped that Government will agree to a 5-year funding settlement so that there is certainty over the next 5 years. CC Humby then spoke about waste and recycling. HCC at looking at Climate Change and working with the Environment Agency. Questions were then asked by Councillors and members of the public.

6. DISTRICT COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS: DC Humby, DC Miller and DC Mclean. DC Mclean reported that all WCC Cabinet Meetings are stream-lived. However, there is no check on how many views have been made. After a trial period the evening Planning Meetings are no longer happening. The Meetings have now reverted back to the day-time and have moved from a Thursday to a Wednesday. The glass collection service is now operating. Some residents in Durley have still not received their glass collection box so it was agreed that the Clerk would ask anyone who has not received a black box to get in touch with WCC or Durley Parish Council and then we will inform DC Mclean. Updates were given on Station Approach and the Leisure Centre.

there to listen to business that is on the Agenda. One resident did state that the traffic in Manor Road is increasing. He said that a large lorry needed to reverse all the way up Manor Road and then out onto Durley Street – which is dangerous. Councillors agreed that there was little they could do about this, however the problem was noted.


(a) Request from a developer to discuss land adjacent to Hunters Moon, Durley Street. Jon Callcutt and Mark Foyle from New Leaf Developments Ltd spoke to Councillors about potential planning for 7 – 8 homes on land adjacent to Hunters Moon. They spoke about traditional cottages, bungalows for residents to downsize, custom and self-build properties. Questions were asked about the cost of these properties. Cllr Delmege said that Durley has no development allocated in the present Winchester Local Plan and in the Durley Parish Plan most Durley residents did not want further development in Durley. Questions were asked by Councillors and residents to the developer.

(b) Annual Play Area Inspections. It was agreed to ask for Inspections to be carried out at the Recreation Ground and at The Sawmills by an Inspector recommended by WCC.

(c) E-mail about Crib Festival at Holy Cross Church. Councillors agreed that they would like to contribute, but this was a little more difficult that last year when it was a Christmas tree depicting the Parish Council. Cllr Rutherford offered to lead on this and has a crib that could be used. The Clerk will write to Gill Mulley and say that we will participate.

(d) Esso Pipeline – Utility trial trenching. This was noted.

(e) Community Planning Event – 14th November at 2.30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. in Bishopstoke. This is part of the Eastleigh Borough Council Local Plan. Councillors will attend if they wish.

(f) Winchester District Sports Awards 2019. Councillors will give any nominations to the Clerk.

(g) Letter from resident congratulating the Parish Council on the standard of the maintenance of The Sawmills. This letter was appreciated, and the Clerk will write to Shawn and congratulate him.

(h) Letter received from Sgt Stuart Gilmore who is retiring from the Police Authority. Stuart has been working with Durley for the last 7 years and will be missed by the community.
9. SCHOOL REPORT: There was no Report available.

10. RECREATION GROUND REPORT: Cllr Watts reported that the fence behind the Pavilion and the veranda still need attention. The gang mowing renewal was discussed, and it was agreed to continue as at present. There has been some vandalism at the Recreation Ground.

11. SAWMILLS REPORT: Cllr Rutherford said that everything was satisfactory.

12. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH REPORT: Cllr Watts reported that there has been some thefts in the local area. Scams are also on the increase and residents are warned about parcels being taken from doorsteps after delivery at this time of year.

13. HIGHWAYS REPORT: Cllr Rappini was not at the Meeting, so no Report was available. Clerk will chase up with WCC about the landscape bins that are to be placed opposite the School and in the Hall car park.

14. FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Councillors agreed invoices presented by the Clerk and signed cheques as agreed. Agree Budget for 2020-21. The Clerk presented figures for last year’s Budget against the half year spending for this financial year. Additional costings for next year should include Newsletter printing, planning consultation, tarmac of Hall car park, dishwasher and new piece of play equipment.

15. HALL: Stage extension wood-work has been completed. Hall Management Committee Meeting (7.11.19) Report – Cllr Miller reported on the Meeting. Issues discussed were that work has been completed on the panels under the sinks in the toilets, the bar top and sliding doors in the kitchen have been replaced, the hall car park (which it was agreed should have tarmac instead of scalpings), compliments still being received about the new floor, hand driers have been fitted in the toilets, the old piano has been removed and the painting of the main Hall has been completed. A request was made for a new Hall piano, a freezer and a dishwasher. The Committee discussed these requests in detail and it was agreed that we would not replace the piano as the majority of Hall users did not use the piano and it was often in the way for Hall hirers or misused. The Committee did agree to purchase a keyboard for Hall use which could be locked away. This would be hired if required. It was agreed that we would ask if a keyboard would be used before purchasing one, as it would be pointless making a purchase and it not being used. The Committee agreed that they would not provide a freezer as hirers who wish to bring ice cream etc. bring along a cold box. The Committee did agree with a dishwasher being placed in the former Post Office Room (not the kitchen), to go in place of the present unit where the sink is. It will be an under-counter dishwasher and would take up no more space than the present unit. The dishwasher would only be used when it is booked, and a small charge will be made when hired. The photographs will be arranged on one wall at the Hall and new Christmas decorations will be purchased. A “No Parking” sign will be placed above the defibrillator so that it can be easily accessed at all times.


19/01835/HOU. Mr and Mrs Hargreaves. Alterations to existing conservatory to provide tiled lean-to roof and alterations to fenestration. Insertion of external door in south east elevation. 2 Hillside Cottages, Manor Road, Durley. GRANTED.

19/01354/FUL. Mr Barnard. Alterations to siting and design of indoor sand school, incorporating stabling and hose welfare facilities approved under application 18/02112/FUL (Retrospective). Brown Heath Park, Gregory Lane, Durley. GRANTED.

19/02177/FUL. Mr Williamson. Proposed 3 bed dwelling under plain tiles roof brick elevations to front section/oak frame and cladding to rear section with parking area. Mirsh Cottage, Heathen Street, Durley. Councillors agreed that no comments would be made.

19/00994/FUL. Mr Davidson. Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings, construction of replacement 2-bed dwelling, additional 5-bed dwelling and 2 double garages along with change of use of agricultural land to garden curtilage and return of part of existing garden curtilage to agricultural use. Sunbank, Durley Brook Road, Durley. REFUSED.

19/02235/LDP. Ms K Kelly. As described under planning permission 16/02860/FUL: Formation of two self-contained holiday lets, including the setting out of a curtilage to provide garden and parking area on surrounding land for each unit. The proposal involves internal structural work and fitting out, the laying and connecting of new drainage, formation of new external window and door openings and the insertion of rooflights. The digging of a trench and the laying of foul drains, including a connection into the existing foul drainage system serving the adjacent property. A layout plan and photographic evidence is supplied. 2 Lower Farm, Parsonage Lane, Durley. Councillors had no comments to make on this Application.

APP/L1765/C/19/3232990, APP/L1765/C/19/3232991. Appeal against Enforcement Notice at Peach Cottage, Durley Street, Durley. This was noted, but no further comments will be made.

19/01988/PNACOU. Mr Stutchbury. Refurbishment of existing agricultural store to provide a dwelling. Land opposite Durley Hall Lane/Alma Lane, Durley. GRANTED.