Durley Parish Council held its Annual Parish Assembly on Tuesday 12th April, 2016 at Durley Memorial Hall, Durley. 5 Parish Councillors, County/District Councillor Humby, the Clerk – Mrs Anne Collins, PCSO Nolan, Sgt. Gilmore and 4 parishioners were present.

Apologies were received from Cllr Farr, Cllr Burton and District Councillor Ruffell.

Cllr Charles (Chairman) commenced the Meeting by introducing members of the Parish Council and other Officers to the residents attending.

Cllr Charles then gave a Chairman’s Report summarising the work the Parish Council has been working on during the year to achieve a positive outcome for all the residents who live and work in Durley. Cllr Charles said that main issues included the Durley Emergency Plan, which has been revised, and many residents have offered their help in the event of an emergency situation in Durley. Councillors are very grateful for their help and wish to thank all those who have put their name forward – although we hope the Plan will never be used. The Durley Parish Plan Team have been working hard to produce a Plan for Durley and are gradually working their way through the Plan. A new website for the village is being set up by Andy Burton and it is hoped that this will become live soon. Again, Cllr Charles thanked all those residents who have been involved in the Parish Plan over the last two years. Parking issues, Fly-tipping, Planning issues as well as attending many Meetings have been taking place over this year. A successful “Clean for the Queen” Litter Pick was held in Durley recently with many parishioners taking part – again, a big thank you. We are all looking forward to the Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations here in Durley on 15th May at The Sawmills and it is hoped that most residents will come along. At the end of his Report Cllr Charles thanked his fellow Officers, the Clerk, and CC/DC Humby. He gave a special thank you for DC Ruffell who will not be re-standing at the Election for Durley as he will be in a different Ward, due to the recent Boundary changes. DC Ruffell was thanked for all his hard work in Durley over the last few years as our District Councillor.

The Clerk gave a Financial Report for the End 2015-16. The Income and Expenditure are about the same as the previous Financial Year with £400 more to carry forward.

The Clerk read out a Highways Report stating that many pot holes have been repaired this year, and some issues including flooding, parking on parts of roads which obscure the sight-lines for drivers, and general maintenance of our highways were all problems that have ben highlighted throughout the year.

Cllr Smith gave a Hall Report and started by thanking all the Hall hirers for the support over the year. The new guttering which has been put up enhances the outside appearance of the building and the new table tennis table and line markings have made it possible to hold a Short Mat Tennis and Table Tennis session in the Hall on Monday afternoons. This Group is enjoyed by many of our more senior residents. Cllr Smith then thanked the Caretaker – John, Cllr Charles, Cllr Pitter and Peter for all their support in the Hall and Anne Collins to taking the bookings. During the next year it is hoped that the Hall foyer refurbishment will be completed.

County/District Councillor Humby gave his Report and said that he has been working hard for the residents of Durley over the last year. Fly-tipping in Durley and especially in Greenwood Lane has been a long-standing problem for residents. CC Humby has now been in contact with the Leader of WCC to try and resolve the Greenwood Lane fly-tipping. CC Humby also spoke about the Waste Recycling Consultation which needs to be completed by residents. CC Humby informed residents about Devolution. He ended his Report by thanking all the Parish Councillors and the Clerk for all their hard work in Durley, and also for the support given to him over the year. DC Humby will be standing for re-election in the Bishops Waltham Ward – which is now combined with Durley due to the new Ward Boundary changes.

Sgt Gilmore and PCSO Nolan were present at the Meeting and said that Durley is a very low crime area. They felt that it was important to be seen in the village and have attended Durley Lunch Club and Durley School. Councillors asked about the lack of PACT Meetings and Sgt Gilmore said that they are being re-launched, but covering a larger area. Fly-tipping was also discussed as residents attending the Meeting were very concerned and frustrated about this. The Police can offer support and will try to help. Councillors thanked Sgt Gilmore and PCSO Nolan for the work that they do in Durley.

The main question from members of the public was concerning fly-tipping and this was answered by CC Humby and the Police.

At the end of the Meeting the Clerk read out a Statement from Kirstie Baines – Headteacher at Durley Primary School informing members of the Council and residents of the timescales for the work on the new lay-by outside of the School.

There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending the Meeting and declared the Meeting closed.

Anne Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council