Durley Parish Council held its Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 13th September, 2016 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall. 5 Parish Councillors, County/District Councillor Humby, the Clerk – Mrs Anne Collins and 7 parishioners were present. Kirstie Baines (Headteacher) was also present to give a Report on the School.

Apologies were received from Cllr Charles and Cllr Delmege.

Clerk reported that Playdale are not able to carry out drainage work in The Sawmills play area. Other Play Companies will be approached.

The flooding in Durley is still a major concern and CC Humby has been working with HCC Highways to put in prevention measures. The ditch alongside Stapleford Lane has been dug and a pipe under the main road will be put in shortly. Some residents have put in flood defences into their property and Durley Primary School are also taking additional measures. Flooding in Parsonage Lane is also an ongoing problem and HCC will be asked if there is anything else that could be done in this location.

The fly-tipping in the buffer area in The Sawmills has been removed after a letter was written to the resident who dumped the rubbish stating that if it was not removed within 7 days then the Parish Council would remove it and send them the bill. It is hoped that residents and people travelling through Durley will get the message that we do not wish to see fly-tipping in Durley. There have been many instances of fly-tipping over the past few months and so it was agreed that CCTV signs will be put up in the fly-tipping hot spots in Durley to try and deter any fly-tipping. As fly-tipping is a big problem in Durley at the moment residents are urged to report any tipping they see on the Winchester City Council website via the Fly-tipping Report link.

The Grant has now been obtained for the HCC Parish Lengthsman Scheme so Durley will be able to use this Grant towards keeping some of the footpaths clear.

The brick wall outside of Priory View has now been reinstated after being knocked down. WCC were thanked for their swift response.

Lorries are still travelling through Durley to get to local development sites at Boorley Green and Torbay Farm. The lorry movements will be kept monitored and the Clerk was asked to write to the Torbay Farm developers asking them to use an alternative route rather than going through Durley Street to Sciviers Lane. The main roads would be much more suitable for these larger lorries.

County Councillor Humby reported on the recent Consultation on the Waste Disposal Sites in Hampshire. All 24 sites will stay open at the moment, although their hours of opening will be reduced. CC Humby has held a Meeting with all relevant Authorities to try and produce a Fly Tipping Strategy which will mean that all Authorities will work together to try and resolve this huge problem in Hampshire. Residents present at the Meeting asked when the re-planting of trees was going to happen in Church Copse, Greenwood Lane after most were felled. CC Humby will find out.

Most residents who attended the Meeting were there to hear about fly-tipping, flooding and traffic issues. Two residents were concerned abou the speed of traffic travelling down Parsonage Lane and how danagerous it was trying to get in and out of driveways. Councillors agreed that it would help if the hedge alongside Parsonage Lane in between 1 Hazeldene and White Owl Cottage was cut lower so that sight-lines were better on the bend. Clerk was asked to write to the landowner. Two large mirrors have been placed on the Highways grass verge and complaints were received that they reflect the sun and car lights. This would be a Highways matter so they will be informed.

The External Audit Report was approved and completed. The Insurance for 2016-17 was approved.

Broadband speeds (or the lack of it) was discussed. Councillors agreed that the broadband in Durley appears to have got worse – the speeds are lower and the internet dips in and out frequently. The Clerk suggested trying to get a picture of the broadband speeds which are achieved in Durley and broadband providers. Councillors agreed that this would be useful information. Any residents who are able to provide the Clerk will their speed and provider via the Parish Council e-mail address are encouraged to do so. Clerk will also write to HCC and get an update of when Durley is going to get the faster broadband.

The Electoral Review of Hampshire was reported and it was noted that Durley will still be in the Bishops Ward.

Kirstie Baines (Headteacher) presented an update on the flooding at the School which happened in June. All of the carpets and flooring has had to be taken up and half of the furniture had to be replaced. More flood prevention measures have also taken place.

Many pot holes which were reported have now been filled in.

The Hall toilets have now been replaced and the quote was agreed for the repainting of the foyer, toilets and kitchen areas.

Anne Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council


Since the Parish Council Meeting the Clerk has received several complaints about the slow broadband and one parishioner said that if there was enough interest then virgin media might be able to provide a cable for a faster service. To consider this option we need to show them our interest so if you would like to sign up to show your interest then please do so at cablemystreet.virginmedia.com