Durley Parish Council held its Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 11th July, 2017 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall. 5 Parish Councillors and the Clerk – Mrs Anne Collins were present, along with County/District Councillor Humby and 1 parishioner.

Apologies were received from Cllr Pitter, Cllr Bartlett and District Councillors Miller and Mclean.

George Hollingbery has been in touch with the Forestry Commission regarding Church Copse and the replanting of trees. Councillors were also concerned about the removal of further trees which could make another entrance into the Copse. CC Humby suggested copying in Simon Finch at WCC so that he can liaise regarding planning issues.

Councillors were pleased to hear that the proposed parking restrictions will be placed outside of Beech Corner Garage and at the Robin Hood junction to stop vehicles from parking on these dangerous junctions. After many complaints over the years Durley Parish Council have been trying to make these junctions safer for residents trying to come out onto the main road through Durley. It is hoped that once these restrictions are in place it will give sight-lines to those who need them. Support was also given for the restrictions from our County and District Councillors.

Letters have been written to all residents living in The Sawmills to ask for their comments on the parking restrictions and rights of way through the development. From the responses received it is clear that road markings showing who has right of way were preferred, but most did not want any parking restrictions as this would also restrict parking for residents. The Clerk will respond to HCC stating what the responses show and ask HCC to put in the give way markings and no parking restrictions. WCC will be asked to make sure that the weed control along the sides of the highway in The Sawmills are in place.

Many residents have objected to the road closure proposals in Wangfield Lane as this would send more traffic along Netherhill, which is a narrow country lane and not suitable for more traffic. Durley Parish Council has also send in an objection as Durley lanes are already used as a rat-run through Durley and it is not fair that Wangfield Lane should be closed at the expense of additional traffic travelling down Netherhill.

Cllr Charles and the Clerk met with the Community Payback Supervisor at Durley Recreation Ground to discuss areas in Durley which could use volunteer work to enhance the village. Various tasks in Durley were highlighted by Councillors, but the largest project will be at the Recreation Ground during the summer. Hedging, ditching and re-painting work will be carried out during August and September. The volunteers will be supervised at all times during the work.

CC Humby gave a County and District Council Report. He said that a Consultation is in process at the moment to consult with residents on how they feel savings could be made at HCC. He also reported that the recyling tips are going to be stay open as they are at present. The City Bus Station in Winchester is being re-vamped and is going onto the next Phase.

Clerk reported that Enforcement proceedings against the illegal Gypsy/Traveller site in Durley Street is with the Legal Department at the present time. Once the paperwork is ready the Enforcement Officer will serve the papers to the occupants.

Cllr Pitter attended the Winchester Passenger Transport Forum on 26th June. As Cllr Pitter was not able to attend this Meeting he sent a Report stating that Stagecoach was the main bus provider for the Winchester area and they travelled 2.2 million miles per year on the various routes, carrying 3.2 million passengers. This represents a 20% increase over the past 10 years. All new buses have Wi-Fi and contactless card readers to speed up the paying process. Present and future cuts from HCC will not affect the Stagecoach bus service in our area.

A donation towards the maintenance of the Holy Cross Churchyard for 2017 was agreed.

Cllr Charles gave a report on the recent Durley Parish Plan Meeting. He said that no further feedback has been received via the website for any future events which residents would like arranged in the village. One family have taken up an allotment in Albany Road. If there is sufficient interest then the Parish Plan Team would like to hold an Apple Picking Day in the village. A Village Market/Table Top Sale is to be arranged for Saturday 30th September and if it is successful then future days will be organised. Village entry signs and gateways are being discussed and costs sought to try and enhance the entrance to Durley.

Cllr Smith gave a Report on the recent Hall Management Committee Meeting. The Hall foyer is now completed and the smaller tables have been replaced. The under-stage area will be cleared of any unwanted items and the Hall car park will be tidied up by volunteers. To enable the Committee Room downstairs to be used more, the Committee are looking at putting in an additional window to make the room more appealing. It is hoped that morning or afternoon Clubs could be held in this room for elderly residents who would like to get together during the day time.

Anne Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council