Durley Parish Council held its Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 10th October, 2017 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall. 5 Parish Councillors, County/District Councillor Humby and the Clerk – Mrs Anne Collins were present, along with 5 parishioners.

Apologies were received from Cllr Bartlett, District Councillor Mclean and District Councillor Miller.

The volunteers on the Community Payback Scheme have nearly completed the work at Durley Recreation Ground cutting hedging and digging out the ditches. Work will then commence on the painting of the play equipment and Pavilion. A new table with seating has arrived and will be sited shortly near to the Play Area. This was purchased with a HCC Grant from Cllr Humby.

Councillors discussed possible sites for a speed indication sign, but due to various legal issues there are only a few places to choose from. Cllr Delmege will ask if someone from HCC will come to Durley and look at the possible sites.

The siting for the memorial seat donated by the family of Pat Parker has been agreed outside of Durley Memorial hall.

Cllr Charles reported on the WCC Planning Coach Trip around the Winchester District. He mentioned various sites that he had visited.

Cllr Delmege attended the CAB AGM and said that fund raising is still important and it is getting more difficult to complete with other fund raising organisations. 90% of the income comes from WCC and Parish Councils, but this does not cover the expenditure.

Cllr Charles and the Clerk attended the HALC 70th Anniversary Event at the Great Hall in Winchester before the Parish Council Meeting. Two speakers were giving presentations and refreshments were served. Most Councils were represented.

CC/DC Humby reported that savings need to be made within HCC over the next few years. Suggestions were being put forward on how to make these savings. These included School crossing patrols, waste recycling centres and free bus passes. Some of these measures need Policy changes. CC Humby also spoke about average speed cameras and the Sub National Transport Body.

A letter of resignation was received from Cllr Farr saying that she no longer wished to be a Parish Councillor. Notices will go on the noticeboards and website advertising the vacancy. Cllr Farr will be sent a letter of thanks for the 6 years she has served the Durley community on the Parish Council.

The External Audit has been returned and is satisfactory.

A response was received regarding the width and weight restriction through Durley and it was stated that Durley does not meet the casualty reduction rate and therefore we would not be considered a priority over other safety led schemes. These schemes are not wholly supported by the Police as they are difficult to enforce and also HCC would not wish to displace problems onto other nearby, and perhaps less appropriate routes. Cllr Charles said that Durley has been pushing for a width and weight restriction for many years and in some places in Durley Street it is impossible for 2 large vehicles to pass. Clerk will ask Andy Smith from HCC about the lorry count which was promised at a Meeting.

The hedge which was causing a problem in Parsonage Lane has now been cut.

After objections from local residents, Councillors agreed that an Objection should be made to for a Change of Use of land to a private gypsy and traveller caravan site in Durley Hall Lane. There are enough sites allocated within the Winchester District for Gypsies and Travellers within the Winchester Local Plan so there is no need for additional sites.

Anne Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council