Durley Parish Council held its Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 13th March, 2018 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall. 7 Parish Councillors and the Clerk – Mrs Anne Collins were present.

Apologies were received from County/District Councillor Humby, District Councillor Mclean and District Councillor Miller.

The Clerk reported that an Order for the double yellow lines will come into effect on 16th April. Councillors were pleased that the lines will finally be installed and these junctions in Durley will be made safer.

Cllr Delmege updated Councillors on the Speed Indicator sign and suggested 5 locations that HCC are happy to use to locate the signs which comply with the current regulations. Councillors agreed that one sign would be purchased and 5 posts so that the sign could be moved. Two locations will be each side of the Primary School and it is hoped that this will slow the traffic down outside of the School.

An updated photograph has been taken of Parish Councillors for the new website before the Meeting. This will be sent to the Website designer and then the new Parish Council website will go live.

Cllr Charles (Chairman) and the Clerk attended a Southern Parishes Meeting in Bishops Waltham. The Fly Tipping Strategy Officer was invited to the Meeting to inform Councils about the way in which fly tipping is reported and hopefully lead to prosecutions. Sharing information about reducing speeding in villages was also discussed.

A Meeting with George Hollingbery MP was attended by Cllr Charles and the Clerk, to discuss the EBC proposed plans. Studies need to be available to HCC Officers before they can make comments on the Plans regarding the traffic problems which could arise.

Councillors reviewed the current Policies which Durley Parish Council hold and agreed that there were no amendments to make. Clerk said that these Policies are updated as and when new legislation comes into force.

Cllr Pitter gave a Highways Report stating that there are some pot holes in the area, but they are filled with water at the moment so he cannot photograph them. These will be reported as soon as the weather is better. Clerk read out an e-mail from a resident regarding traffic through Durley Street asking if the signage could be changed. Councillors viewed the photograph of the signs and agreed that we would not be able to have these signs as we do not have a ban on HGV vehicles through the village, we can only have advisory signs. Cllr Clegg said that the roadside edges in Kytes Lane are eroding – these will be reported to HCC. The area around a manhole at the end of Stapleford Lane is breaking away so this will be reported to HCC. The Parsonage Lane footpath has been cleared by Peter.

Cllr Watts gave a Neighbourhood Watch Report saying that sheds and vehicles need to be kept locked as thefts from these items appears to be the main problem at the moment. Fly tipping was reported again in Chancellors Lane.

A Financial Report was given by the Clerk.

An e-mail was read out regarding dog fouling along Parsonage Lane where children and elderly residents walk to get to the School or Memorial Hall. Councillors totally agreed with the writer that this is not acceptable behaviour and Durley Parish Council urge any residents to get in touch with the WCC Dog Warden or Durley Parish Council if they know, and especially if they have evidence as to who is not picking up after their dog. Signs do not appear to work and it is the irresponsible owners that we need to educate, so we need your help to try and discourage this sort of behaviour in Durley. Thank you to all those who are responsible dog owners, we do appreciate your co-operation.

Anne Collins

Clerk to Durley Parish Council