Durley Parish Council held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 8th May, 2018 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall. 5 Parish Councillors, the Clerk – Mrs Anne Collins and 3 School representatives were present.

The Election of Officers took place, and the following were elected:

Chairman – Cllr Charles
Vice Chairman – Cllr Watts
Hall Management Committee Chairman – Cllr Smith
Hall Management Committee Vice Chairman – Cllr Bartlett
Highways Officer – Cllr Pitter
Footpaths Officer – Cllr Delmege
Recreation Ground Chairman – Cllr Watts
Transport representative – Cllr Pitter
Cllr Clegg was happy to help where required as she is new to the Council

Apologies were received from County/District Councillor Humby, District Councillor Mclean, District Councillor Miller, Cllr Pitter and Cllr Bartlett.

Clerk informed Councillors that District Councillor Miller had been re-elected for a further term of office.

Clerk has been in touch with the WCC Dog Warden and he has given the Parish Council some additional dog fouling notices to put around the village. It was suggested that perhaps a camera should be installed to catch repeat offenders.

The Community Payback Volunteers have nearly completed the painting of the Pavilion at the Recreation Ground. It was agreed that DFC would finish the painting so that it was completed by the end of the Season. Some play equipment still needs to be painted.

Cllr Delmege reported that the Speed Indicator signs will arrive shortly and a Licence has been agreed with HCC Highways to place the posts to put the signs on. It is hoped that the signs will be sited in June.

Cllr Delmege, Cllr Watts and the Clerk attended a Meeting to discuss the village commemorations for the end of World War One. It is hoped that these commemorations will involve the whole of the village and will take place over the weekend of 10th/11th November.

Cllr Charles and the Clerk attended the recent Winchester District Association of Parish Councils Meeting in Owslebury. The main discussions were regarding the new GDPR Regulations, speeding of motorbikes on the A272 and future topics to discuss.

The footpath/cycleway in Parsonage Lane has been cleared of weeds and the Clerk commented that she had received many positive comments about the footpath. The drain under Parsonage Lane appears to be blocked again so HCC will be asked if they can clear it.

Parking at The Sawmills was highlighted again at the Meeting by residents who live in the development. Business Unit workers are parking outside of the residental properties and also Pre-School dropping off and picking up were a problem for some residents who live opposite the Thresher Room. The Clerk was asked to see if visitors to the development could park more considerably so that residents who live at The Sawmills are able to park near to their properties.

The HCC Parish Lengthsman Scheme is continuing for another year and Durley is joined with Upham and Curdridge as the Lead Parish.

Kirstie Baines and 2 School representatives attended the Meeting and informed Parish Councillors of the issues they are covering to make the journey to School as safe as possible. Plans were discussed for the future of the School track and it is hoped that a School representative will be available each month to attend our Meetings and keep the Parish Council informed of any progress.

Cllr Watts gave a Neighbourhood Watch Report stating that Nottingham Knockers have been in Durley and this has been reported to the Police. Thefts from vans, cars and sheds have been a problem and residents were reminded that high hedges can sometimes be a hiding place for potential burglars.

The village gateway signs are being progressed by two of the Parish Plan Team – Andy Burton and Ian Medd. The signs have been agreed by the Parish Plan Team and Durley Parish Council. Ian is going to get in touch with HCC Highways to check that the signs comply with legal requirements before an order is placed. It was suggested that flowers could be planted under the signs. Councillors agreed that this was a good idea, but we would not be able to place planters without HCC permission as it could be a safety issue. It was suggested that perhaps residents would be willing to plant bulbs etc. outside of their properties – like those placed at the top of Stapleford Lane. Any ideas welcome to Durley Parish Council.

Quotes were discussed for the LED lighting at the Hall and a new media screen. However, these were higher than anticipated and further quotes will be required. Unfortunately the Hall Caretaker is still unwell at the moment and Donna Shorney is doing a great job in keeping the Hall running smoothly. Councillors wish John all the best and hope that he makes a good recovery and is home soon.

Cllr Watts gave a report on the Recreation Ground. She said that organised events do need to be booked as there was a recent incident when a party was not booked and it clashed with a Durley football match. Luckily the problem was sorted out and the party ended before the footballers arrived, but in order for the toilets to be opened and the car parking to be available it is essential that bookings are made via Cllr Watts. Details of how to make a booking are on the Parish Council website.

The Chairman closed the Meeting at 9.30 p.m.

Anne Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council