Durley Parish Council held their Monthly Meeting on Tuesday 11th September, 2018 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall. 6 Parish Councillors, the Clerk – Mrs Anne Collins, County/District Councillor Humby, District Councillor Mclean and 6 parishioners were present. A Planning Consultant and Kirstie Baines were also in attendance.


Apologies were received from Cllr Charles and District Councillor Miller.


Cllr Delmege reported that some of the posts have been made higher to attached the Speed Indicator sign. It is hoped that the other locations will be available soon to put up the sign. Ian Medd and Andy Burton are working on the village entry signs.


Cllr Bartlett showed Councillors the design of picnic benches which have been installed in Bishops Waltham recently which would be easy to maintain. A further report will be given at the next Meeting on the progress of gaining funding.


Clerk reported that the Forestry Commission are still waiting for a response from Defra regarding the replanting of the trees in Church Copse, Greenwood Lane. This will be chased up again. The fly tipping has been removed by Winchester City Council.


After investigation by HCC and Southern Water it has been confirmed that the sinking of the road in Heathen Street is not a water leak from a Southern Water pipe. Therefore funding will need to be secured from HCC to carry out major repair works under the highway. Until the funding is in place HCC Highways will continue to carry out maintenance as and when the road sinks. Councillors were not happy that this problem has been ongoing for some years as we were informed then that running sand under the road was the probable cause of the problem. CC Humby will see what he can do to achieve a satisfactory outcome.


Cllr Delmege has walked some of the Durley footpaths and letters will be written to those land owners who need to be informed of issues which require their attention. It would be helpful if land owners could check their footpaths and make sure that they are accessible and that stiles are in good condition.


Cllr Watts and the Clerk attended the WW1 commemoration Meeting and reported that planning for the events in Durley are going well.


Cllr Pitter reported on the Broadband in Durley and he said that although fibre broadband is now reaching some of the cabinets it is not going into the properties. He is looking into a Community Funded Scheme, but will need to know what interest there is. An article is going to put on the website so that we can see what interest there is.


Clerk read out a response from George Hollingbery MP regarding planning on our parish boundary. He states that he fully understands the frustration of Durley residents and Durley Parish Council regarding the large amount of planning proposed on our parish boundary. He has written objections to EBC.


CC Humby gave a County Council Report stating that he has attended many Meetings, and apologised for not being able to attend the Durley Meetings as frequently as he would like. CC Humby heard complaints from the Parish Council and residents regarding the recent road closure in Durley Brook Road. He said that there was a lack of communication and he would see what could be done in future to inform Parish Councils and residents. He also now sits on the Board of Governors for the NHS Trust.


A District Councillor’s Report was given by Cllr Mclean. He went through the Meetings that he had attended, which included Overview and Scrutiny, Health Service, Planning – including site Meetings. He also informed Councillors about the recent Boom Town Event and how impressive the security arrangements were.


An order for a new seat at Durley Recreation Ground has been placed and it is hoped that it will arrive on 1st October.


A quote was read out, and discussed for the school crossing and flashing lights in Durley Brook Road. It is hoped that a Grant can be applied for from CC Humby and the School and Parish Council will apply for Grants to cover the remainder of the cost involved.


A School Report was given by Kirstie Baines, who reported that the School had received their recent Offstead Inspection Report which was rated Good. However, the School has been put forward for a Section 5 Inspection which might change the rate from Good to Outstanding. Councillors praised the School for their success and hope that they achieved an Outstanding rating in the future. Kirstie said that there has been no flooding throughout the summer – mainly due to the dry weather, but also because the brook has been cleared out, which should also help.


A Neighbourhood Watch Report was given by Cllr Watts. She informed Councillors that warnings are still being given out about scam e-mails, cold calling, suspicious calls etc. The next PACT Meeting will be on 27.9.18 – which Cllr Watts will attend. It was pointed out that the Police number is out of date in the Parish Magazine so this will need to be changed to 101.


A Highways Report was given by Cllr Pitter. Pot holes have been reported and new ones will be reported. A concern about a tree in Snakemoor Lane has been inspected by HCC and deemed to be safe. Kistie asked if the weeds along Durley Brook Road could be removed. CC Humby said that weeds are only cleared once a year now, but the Clerk was asked to report it and he will see what can be done.


Clerk reported that Donna Shorney has now taken over the role of Hall Caretaker. The under-stage area has now been cleared at the Hall.


Cllr Watts reported that the Recreation Ground has had some weed and feed applied.


Anne Collins

Clerk to Durley Parish Council