Cllr Delmege (Chairman), Cllr Childs, Cllr Watts, Cllr Miller, Cllr Rutherford, Cllr Brenchley, County/District Councillor Humby, District Councillor Mclean, the Clerk (Mrs Anne Collins) and 4 parishioners were present.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from Cllr Rappini, District Councillor Miller,
Kirstie Baines and Nick Apps.

Declarations of Interest made.



(a) Update on table/seating at The Sawmills by Cllr Miller. No approach has been made, but Cllr Miller will talk to businesses in a couple of months’ time.

(b) Alternative options to speed signs at each end of the village as HCC have advised that this is not possible – Cllr Delmege reported that he has moved the SID to The Sawmills. He will also look at options for siting the SID sign along Parsonage Lane and Durley Street.

(c) Updating of website – Cllr Delmege said that Andy has been busy, but he will speak to him as soon as he is able.

(d) Public Broadband Meeting. Clerk has written to HCC Broadband Team, but no dates have come forward to consider. CC Humby suggested writing to Patrick Blogg to request some dates. Clerk will write to him.

(e) Update on footpaths – Cllr Brenchley/Clerk. The Rights of Way Officer has offered to meet with Cllr Brenchley to look at the stiles on the footpath from Whitegates to the School. A date has yet to be arranged. Clerk will contact Ria again to see if she has any dates to suggest.

(f) Older childrens’ play equipment – ideas/prices. Report on Meeting with youngsters. A Meeting was held on 3.2.20 with youngsters and their parents and it was felt that a swinging item for older children and some keep fit/gym equipment would be the best options. It was also agreed that if possible, it would be ideal to have one piece of equipment at the Recreation Ground and one piece at The Sawmills as there was nothing there for the older children. Councillors agreed that we would look at prices for this sort of equipment and hopefully get two pieces that we could afford for both sites and then apply for a Lottery Grant to help cover the cost. The Clerk said that there is around £2,000 in the 106 Funding pot (which was a late contribution) and this could be possibly spent on the gym equipment but not on play equipment. This money will also be applied for. Other funding sources were also discussed. DC Mclean said that BWPC have installed some adult and childrens’ gym equipment at Priory Park and this is well used. Clerk will put together suggestions so that costings can be worked out.

(g) Cabinet for School defibrillator. Councillors agreed that the Clerk should order the cabinet and ask Neil Ellen to carry out the required electrical work.

(h) WW2 commemorations in Durley – Cllr Delmege/Clerk. Report on Meeting held on 6.2.20. The Meeting held on 6.2.20 agreed the programme for the Adult social evening on 8th May and the Street Party which will be held on the afternoon of 10th May for the children. Details will be circulated later for the events. Discussion took place on the distribution of flyers to all residents. It is hoped that the Parish Magazine deliverers will offer to deliver the flyers, but if not, then Parish Councillors will deliver them. Cllr Delmege will make contact with Jo Birbeck to arrange.

(i) School Crossing Project – Clerk to report on progress. Clerk has been in touch with the CIL Funding Officer and Andy Smith and the project is moving forwards. An invoice for payment from the CIL Fund will be sent and then the funds will be released.

(j) Planning Training – 20.2.20 at 6.30 p.m. There are 21 Councillors from various Parish Councils attending the Training. Cllr Rutherford is now able to attend the Training.

(k) Response from HCC Highways regarding damage to verges in Manor Road. HCC have been in touch with the Clerk and said that there is nothing that they can do as it is very difficult to prosecute in this sort of situation. CC Humby also explained why there is no action that HCC can take in these circumstances.

(l) Responses about possible closure of Wangfield Lane. Curdridge Parish Council have had no notification of a closure and CC Humby has confirmed that there are no plans to close Wangfield Lane. It was a consideration some years ago, but it did not get sufficient support.

(m) Report on Southern Parishes Meeting (3.2.20) – Cllr Delmege/Clerk. The main topic of discussion was the way that the Group is run and administered. Speakers for future Meetings were agreed.

5. COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: CC Humby reported that there will be a full Council Meeting to set
the Budget for HCC and it is proposed that the Council Tax will increase by 4%. CC Humby spoke about the budget for the highways network and an additional £2m for Climate change. He also spoke about the recent storm which claimed a life in Hampshire. There is to be another storm this weekend on Saturday so HCC Highways are working extremely hard at the moment to keep the highways network open. Praise was also given to the HCC Highways staff who had to deal with the fatality when a tree fell across a car killing the driver. Various highways problems were reported to CC Humby which the Clerk will confirm via e-mail. A resident asked about a bus stop on the roundabout at Boorley Park which causes traffic problems. CC Humby will find out if this is a temporary bus stop or permanent.

6. DISTRICT COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS: DC Humby, DC Miller and DC Mclean. DC Mclean gave the District Councillors’ Report. He said that a recent Planning Meeting had to be cancelled as there were not enough Applications to warrant a Meeting. DC Mclean also spoke about the small Grants Scheme and warned Councillors that the Pond in Bishops Waltham is ¾ full so that shows how high the water table is this winter.


One resident attended to inform Councillors about the drainage problems in Chancellors Lane, along with other highways issues. CC Humby responded to the resident and Clerk will e-mail the blocked drains to CC Humby.

3 residents came to hear about the replacement piano/digital piano at the Hall. The Chairman explained
that this was not for discussion at this Meeting, but all considerations will be taken into account when it is discussed at the Hall Management Meeting.


(a) Planning proposal for land adjacent to Sunnyside, Durley Street, Durley. Patrick Barry from Mapledean Projects Ltd was present at the Meeting and gave a brief outline of proposals for 6 houses in Durley Street. Councillors again informed the developer that Durley has no housing allocation in this Local Plan and we would not be considering any future development until we have the new Local Plan and have consulted with Durley residents. Patrick said that this development was infill and Cllr Delmege asked what infill meant – 1 house in the middle of two houses or a development of 6 houses? CC Humby was not able to answer the question so the Clerk was asked to clarify with the Planning Officer.

(b) Fly-tipping issues in Durley – including a dumped caravan in Manor Road. Clerk has reported bathroom rubbish in Greenwood Lane and a caravan in Manor Road. Clerk said that the caravan has been removed today.

(c) Clerk read out an e-mail from a resident who was concerned about the dumped caravan in Manor Road and the speed of traffic along Durley Street. All these matters have been addressed in other parts of the Agenda.

(d) Parish Connect – February, 2020. This was sent via e-mail to Councillors and noted.

9. SCHOOL REPORT: There was no School Report available.

10. RECREATION GROUND REPORT: Cllr Watts said that there was nothing to report. Clerk has
acquired more WCC dog fouling signs which will be put up at the Recreation Ground.

11. SAWMILLS REPORT: Cllr Rutherford reported that everything was satisfactory. Maintenance of the
Sawmills for 2020/21 – Councillors agreed that Shawn Reed should continue as he has done a good job this year. Clerk confirmed that the cost would remain the same.

12. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH REPORT: Cllr Watts said that there has been no information this month. Clerk reported that our new PCSO is Owen Reeves.

13. HIGHWAYS REPORT: Cllr Rappini was not at the Meeting to give a report. Flooding in Stapleford Lane and reported blockage of water course – Cllr Delmege has met with a resident in Stapleford Lane and has now located the blocked ditch. Clerk has sent photographs of the ditch and an explanation to CC Humby and the Highways Team so that they can arrange for the ditched to be unblocked. Clerk has reported the dumped caravan in Manor Road a week ago. The flooding in Kytes Lane has been reported and HCC have been out and put flood warning signs up. Clerk has asked for the drain to be sucked out as this is why the water cannot get away. The blocked drains in Stapleford Lane, Sciviers Lane and Kytes Lane will be sent via e-mail to CC Humby. HCC signs are still on the verges around Durley after work has been completed. It is hoped that these will be collected soon as promised by HCC.

14. FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Councillors agreed invoices presented by the Clerk and signed cheques as agreed. The ¾ year Internal Audit Report has been completed.

15. HALL: Hall Report – Cllr Miller. Clerk reported on the CC Grant towards the additional electrical work and new unit to house the dishwasher. It is hoped that the dishwasher can be installed shortly now that the funds are in place. Interest in re-starting up a Youth Club in Durley was brought up at the Meeting with the youngsters at the Play Area Meeting. Councillors had no objection to a Youth Club being started up once a month. The running of the Club would not be the responsibility of the Parish Council, but of volunteer parents. The Caretaker reported to the Clerk that the radiator in the gents toilets was coming away from the wall. It appears that this is being pulled by someone during a booking. She will keep an eye on the situation.


19/02419/FUL. Mrs Reeves. Resubmission application for revised storage area. Use of land for storage of caravans/campervans in addition to the agricultural use which would be retained. Shady Oaks Farm, Durley Brook Road, Durley. Planning Committee Meeting – 18th February at 9.30 a.m. It was agreed that Cllr Delmege would speak at the Meeting so the Clerk will register him.

19/02478/FUL. Mr Saint. Proposed detached single storey office unit. The Barn, Church Lane, Durley. Permitted.

19/02466/HOU & 19/02467/LIS. Mr and Mrs Atkins. Replacement of existing greenhouse. Durley Mill, Netherhill, Botley. Permitted.

19/02854/HOU. Mr Madgewick. Construction of two storey side extension. Lower Cottage, 3 Kytes Lane, Durley. Councillors had no comments to make on this Application.

19/02691/PNACOU. Mr & Mrs Drake. Change of use of agricultural building to dwellinghouse (C3) and associated operational development. Barn to the rear of Karma, Manor Road, Durley. Councillors had no comments to make on this Application.

19/02792/FUL. Mr P Leech. Change of use of an agricultural barn, to the development of a replacement building to house an indoor swimming pool, gym, storage and carport to be connected to the existing dwelling. Durley Oaks, Durley Hall Lane, Durley. Councillors were concerned as to whether this Application has met the original planning conditions put on for agricultural use.

9.50 p.m.