Durley Parish Council held its Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 9th February, 2016 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall, Durley. 6 Parish Councillors, the Clerk – Mrs Anne Collins and 3 parishioners were present.

Apologies were received from Cllr Burton, County/District Councillor Humby, District Councillor Ruffell and Kirstie Baines (Headteacher).

Two drainage contractors were used by WCC and Councillors agreed that they should be approached for a quotation for the drainage work at The Sawmills.

Response forms have gone out to every household in Durley parish to see who would be able to help in an emergency situation and who would need help if there was an emergency. Once this information is returned by 4th March Durley Parish Council will be in a position to update its Emergency Plan.

Flooding at Beech Corner is still causing a problem and although a Meeting was held with all the Agencies involved, this area still floods every time there is a heavy rainfall. A pipe under the road seems to be one option and larger ditches. However, funding is a major issues and this will need to be applied for. Residents at this end of the village have had to put up with flooding in their gardens and their property for many years and Councillors are anxious to get this problem sorted.

Cllr Burton sent the Clerk an e-mail updating Councillors on the progress of the new village website. We are trying to keep the same domain name which is causing a problem. But it is hoped that this will be overcome shortly.

Parish Councillors were unhappy that a Report on the results of the Consultation with residents was not available to Councillors at the Meeting despite asking for it. One resident attending said that he had not been consulted and he lived very near to the School. The Clerk was asked to make a further request for this information again from the School. It is very difficult for Councillors to represent all the residents if they do not know the results of a Consultation exercise.

Cllr Charles (Chairman) and the Clerk attended a Southern Parishes Meeting on 1.2.16 where the main issues discussed were the various Lunch Clubs in the area, transport hubs, publication of community events, Ward boundary changes, speed limits, policing and broadband. The Southern Parishes work together in various ways to try and help each other and share services.

A initiative was discussed for a “Clean for the Queen” Litter Pick Event. Councillors hoped that there would be enough support for Durley to take part. The Clerk will acquire high viz vests, litter picks and black sacks and then residents will hopefully pick up litter in their area. The Event will take place over the weekend of 5th/6th March. Anyone interested in helping can telephone the Clerk on 01489 860236 and then we will be able to make sure that the necessary equipment is available.

Cllr Farr gave a Highways Report stating that she has reported some of the speed signs which have been knocked over to HCC Highways. The corner at Stapleford Lane/Chancellors Lane needs repairing. Complaints have also been received about heavy lorries travelling down Stapleford Lane full and then going back empty. This will be investigated further. Cllr Delmege has been concerned about the speed of vehicles through the village and is finding out some statistics from other villages.

Councillors agreed a response to the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan – Issues and Options which will be sent in. It was agreed that any further development in this area will cause major traffic implications for everyone living here. The road infrustructure will not be able to cope, especially as the Boorley Green development has already been approved.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the Meeting closed.

Anne Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council