Durley Parish Council held its Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 9th August, 2016 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall. 5 Parish Councillors, County/District Councillor Humby, District Councillor Miller, the Clerk – Mrs Anne Collins and 4 parishioners were present. Cllr Charles Chaired the Meeting.

Apologies were received from Cllr Pitter, Cllr Burton and DC Mclean.

Clerk wrote to the Company suggested for the drainage work in the Play Area at The Sawmills and they do not wish to carry out the work so Playdale will be approached to see if they have a drainage section within their Company.

CC Humby has been working hard behind the scenes to try and resolve the flooding at Beech Corner. Finance has now been put in place for a pipe under the road at Beech Corner to take the volume of water down Stapleford Lane away from the properties via the ditch which is going to be reinstated by HCC Highways. Landowners will be written to because once the ditch has been reinstated by HCC it will be the landowner’s responsibility to keep it clear. It is hoped that the ditch work will be carried out during August. The flooding at Durley Primary School has also been looked at by HCC Highways to see what action can be taken. CC Humby reported that the brick wall will be reinstated and air vents covered up to try to stop water getting into the School. The brook will also be looked at to make sure that the flow is able to get away downstream.

Cllr Delmege has delivered some of the 30 mph wheely bin stickers, but has not visited all residents in Durley Brook Road yet. Clerk has received more stickers for any resident who would like them. Please telephone the Clerk on 01489 860236 or send an e-mail to durleypc@homecall.co.uk if you would like one for your bin.

The fly-tipping in the buffer area in The Sawmills has not been removed despite writing to all residents in The Sawmills, so Councillors agreed that a letter will be sent to the offender and ask them direct to remove it within 7 days or the Parish Council will remove it and send them the bill. It is not acceptable that the residents of Durley should pay for the fly-tipping to be removed. The majority of Durley residents keep Durley clean and tidy and take their rubbish to one of the local Waste Management Centres in Bishops Waltham or Fair Oak. We also have a fortnightly bin collection service in Durley for garden waste provided by WCC.

CC Humby updated Councillors on Enforcement Action at Church Copse in Greenwood Lane, flooding actions to be taken in Durley, HCC Contract renewal for pot hole repairs – which should be more efficient in the future as a new machine will be used. The Area Wide Traffic Survey is due to commence in September in Durley and then visit other areas.

DC Miller introduced himself to Councillors and as this was his first Meeting in Durley he informed Councillors of positions he holds at WCC. Cllr Charles welcomed him to Durley and said that we were looking forward to working with him over the coming months.

The Agreement and Deed of Grant was signed at the Meeting for The Sawmills. This is in preparation for the handing over of the highways section of the road, but an Agreement was required to enable Southern Water to access the drainage under the road in the future.

Durley Parish Council has agreed to be a Lead Parish for the HCC Parish Lengthsman Scheme. Upham Parish Council will also join the Scheme. This will mean that both parishes will be allocated a Grant of £1,000 to spend on the maintenance of some of the parish footpaths. The landowner is still responsible for some of the maintenance, and HCC will do some maintenance, but if the footpath becomes blocked or a problem then the Parish Council will be able to clear it. The Groundsman which the Parish Council uses for The Sawmills will be asked if he would be willing to clear the footpaths as and when required.

Councillors agreed a response to the Public Consultation on the structure of local government in Hampshire. After reading through the Options it was agreed that Option D was the best solution. This would mean that there would be a County Unitary Authority incorporating HCC and the existing District Councils. Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight would remain as they are at present. If residents wish to give their views then they can complete a Consultation Form on the HCC website.

The brick wall outside of Priory View will be reinstated after being knocked down.

There appears to be a large amount of lorries going through Durley to and from the new development at Boorley Green. Lorries should not be using the route through Durley and Cllr Charles said that he is happy to report any lorries to the Transport Manager at Boorley Green. Vehicle times, registration numbers etc. would need to be logged so that they can be reported. Any residents seeing lorries of this nature should report them via e-mail to the Parish Council so that they can be reported.

A Hall Management Meeting was held on 8th August and discussions took place on the Hall foyer refurbishment, the deep clean of the toilet areas, the under stage area and the Hall car park. It was also agreed that some of the charges will need to be increased on 1st January, 2017 to cover the additional heating costs.

Anne Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council


Junior Soapbox – Durley Parish Council would like to remind residents that there are 2 dog/rubbish bins in Durley – one at The Sawmills and one in the Recreation Ground Car Park which are emptied each week by WCC. Both are well used by dog walkers. However, some dog walkers are still acting irresponsible and leave their dog poo bags on the sides of the lanes or do not pick up after their dog at all. We do ask that all dog owners pick up after their dog, especially when at the Recreation Ground and other public places. It is not a pleasant task for anyone to have to pick up dog fouling when the owner has been irresponsible. If one of these bins are not near where you walk with your dog then please take your bags home with you and dispose of them in your bin.