Durley Parish Council held their Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 10th September, 2019 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall.  Cllr Delmege (Chairman) chaired the Meeting.  Also in attendnace were Cllr Childs, Cllr Rappini, Cllr Miller, Cllr Brenchley, Cllr Rutherford and the Clerk (Mrs Anne Collins).


Apologies were received from Cllr Watts, County/District Councillor Humby, District Councillor Miller and District Councillor Mclean.


Clerk received a response from HCC Highways saying that they would authorise the location of the Speed Indicator sign within The Sawmills provided that suitable locations could be found.  Cllr Delmege has visited the site and marked out two possible locations.  Once agreed by HCC the posts will need to be extended to accommodate the sign.  The speed of vehicles going in and out of The Sawmills will then be monitored.


Cllr Childs reported that the bus stop post has now been reinstated along Durley Street and the Bus Company has also put up a new timetable.  Councillors were pleased that this has now been resolved after many months of pursuing.


The Clerk and Cllr Watts produced a draft Newsletter to show Councillors what could be achieved.  Councillors were pleased with the result and suggestions were made for the new Newsletter which the Parish Council will be producing within the next few months.  The costings were also agreed.


Confirmation was received from WCC that they will put a dual purpose bin opposite Durley Primary School in the layby and another dual purpose bin by the side of the bottle banks at Durley Memorial Hall.  These bins can be used for dog waste and litter.


Residents are reminded of the Winchester Green Week will be from 29th September to 6th October.  It is hoped that villagers will pick up litter in their patch over this period.


Cllr Brenchley gave an update on the footpaths in Durley.  On complaint has been received about a stile which is difficult to negotiate and another 2 footpaths which were difficult to walk have been cleared.


Insurance for Durley Parish Council was agreed for the forthcoming year.


Cllr Watts sent a Recreation Ground in her absence saying that repairs are still ongoing on the veranda and in the car park.  The fecne behind the Pavilion will also be reinstated.


Cllr Watts also reported that there has been a theft from a vehicle in Parsonage Lane, and other thefts from vehicles and residential properties in the local area.  Residents are asked to be vigilant and report anything suspicious.


Cllr Rutherford reported that the new climbing wall has been put on the play equipment at The Sawmills.


Cllr Rappini informed Councillors that repair work has been carried out along Chancellors Lane.  Clerk received concerns from residents about tree branches which are hanging alongside Wintershill from trees.  The concern was that they might fall on someone or a vehicle.  Clerk has reported this to HCC Highways for action to be taken.


The Clerk gave a Financial Report and said that the External Audit has now been completed and is satisfactory.


Clerk reported that the Hall main room has now been repainted and some other maintenance issues were carried out at the same time in the kitchen and toilets.  It is hoped that the front of the stage extension can be done shortly as this was not painted and will be covered in wood to match the new flooring.  A County Councillor Grant was approved to help towards the cost.  A resident has also offered to give a donation to the Hall painting and renovation work – which is very much appreciated.





Anne Collins

Clerk to Durley Parish Council