Durley Parish Council held their Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 12th November, 2019 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall.  Cllr Delmege (Chairman) chaired the Meeting.  Also in attendance were Cllr Childs, Cllr Watts, Cllr Miller, Cllr Brenchley, Cllr Rutherford, the Clerk (Mrs Anne Collins), County/District Councillor Humby, District Councillor Mclean and 4 parishioners.  Also present was Jon Callcutt and Mark Foyle from New Leaf Developments Ltd.


Apologies were received from District Councillor Miller and Cllr Rappini.


Quotes were discussed for the speed signs to use on the entrances to Durley.  The best price is from the Company who supplied the SID sign so it was agreed that we would use them to provide signs for the gateways to Durley.  It is hoped that the SID sign can be located at The Sawmills soon as complaints are still being received about speeding vehicles through the development.


The Parish Council Newsletter has been printed and Councillors will be distributing these during the second half of November.  Every household should receive a copy through their door.


An e-mail was read from the Hampshire Broadband Team asking about problems with broadband speeds in Durley.  Councillors agreed that Durley Parish Council still wanted to hold a Public Meeting so that residents are able to attend and can address their concerns to the HCC Broadband Team.


Various suggestions have been given by youngsters on what sort of play equipment they would like to see in Durley.  These suggestions will be looked at in detail and costings will be drawn up.  Fund raising will be needed and a Grant will be sought to cover some of the cost involved.


Cllr Childs attended the Draft Transport Strategy Launch and it was reported that the Transport Strategy will go out to public consultation before being presented to the Government.  The Strategy looks at upgrading the railways, public transport, access to the airport etc.  CC Humby explained that the Transport Strategy Launch is trying to lobby the Government and is not a Highways Authority.


The Clerk reported that the Community Infrustructure Levy Funding which had been applied for by Durley Parish Council was successful.  This Funding will be used for the Durley School Crossing at Quob Stables.  The Clerk will contact the School to check that any permissions which might be required are applied for and then contact HCC Highways to see when work can commence.


Notes were agreed on a recent Meeting with Wessex Planning regarding the potential of future development at Quob Stables.  It was outlined that Durley has no housing development in the present Winchester Local Plan and most residents who completed the Durley Parish Plan did not wish to see development in Durley.


Cllr Delmege and the Clerk attended the Southern Parishes Meeting and reported that Ecology, Biodiversity, Enforcement, the Planning Charter, Eastleigh Local Plan and other issues affecting local parishes were discussed.


CC Humby gave a County Council report.  He said that savings need to be made across the Council.  The full Council Meeting has been looking at the Budget costs.  There has been an under-investment in the highways network and it is hoped that the Government will agree to a 5-year funding settlement so that there is certainty over the next 5 years.  CC Humby also spoke about waste and recyling, climate change and working with the Environment Agency.


DC Mclean gave the District Councillors’ Report.  He said that WCC Cabinet Meetings are now stream-lived.  However, no checks are made on how many views have been made.  After a trial period the evening Planning Meetings are no longer happening.  The Meetings have now reverted back to the day-time and have moved from a Thursday to a Wednesday.  The glass collection service is now operating.  Some residents in Durley have not yet received their black boxes so the Clerk will put up a note onto the Parish Council website and on facebook etc. stating that any residents who have not received a black box should contact either WCC via their website or Durley Parish Council.  We will then ensure that a box is delivered to those properties.


Councillors listed to a proposal to develop land adjacent to Hunters Moon on Durley Street by New Leaf Developments Ltd.  Cllr Delmege again said that Durley has no development allocation in the Winchester District Local Plan.  Questions were asked by Councillors to the Agents.


A letter was read out from a resident living in The Sawmills congratulating the Groundsman who carries out the maintenance work at The Sawmills.  This letter was appreciated by Councillors and a letter of thanks will go to Shawn Read who carries out the work on behalf of Durley Parish Council.


Reports were also given regarding the Recreation Ground and The Sawmills – all of which were satisfactory.


Cllr Watts gave a Neighbourhood Watch Report stating that there have been some thefts in the local area and scams are on the increase – especially at this time of year.  There is also an increase of parcels being taken from doorsteps once they are delivered.


There was no Highways Report available.


The Clerk gave a Financial Report and presented Budget figures so that the Precept could be set for the year 2020-2021.


A Hall Management Committee Report was given by Cllr Miller.  The stage extension has now been completed, along with some maintenance work in the toilets, Hall foyer and kitchen.  The Committee are looking at putting more tarmac in areas of the car park to replace the scalpings.  A request was received for a dishwasher and the Committee agreed that they will install one in the former Post Office Room where the sink is currently sited which will be hired out for larger functions.  A request was also received for a piano and the Committee agreed that as most Hall hirers did not use the previous piano and it was often in the way and mis-used they would not purchase a piano, but agreed that a keyboard could be purchased and locked away when not in use.  It was pointed out to Councillors that modern digital keyboards are similar in sound to a piano so it was a good compromise.  A “No Parking” sign will be placed on the wall above the defibrillator to stop any parking obstructions.


Anne Collins

Clerk to Durley Parish Council