The Monthly Meeting of Durley Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 8th September, 2020 but will be held virtually due to the current Coronavirus emergency as Public Meetings are not able to be held.

If any members of the public would like to write to the Parish Council to make a representation then please e-mail or write to the Clerk before the Meeting so that views can be heard at the Meeting from residents.


1. Apologies for Absence:

2. Any Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct.

3. Agree Minutes of previous Meeting held on 14th July, 2020. These have been circulated and if agreed will be signed at the next available Parish Council Meeting.

4. Matters arising:

(a) Update on table/seating at The Sawmills by Cllr Miller. Will be deferred.
(b) Locating SID sign in Parsonage Lane and Durley Street proposals. Sight location suggestions – Cllr Delmege.
(c) Public Broadband Meeting – 15th May, 2020. Postponed – no further date agreed yet.
(d) Update on footpaths/Meeting with ROW Officer. Deferred until a visit is possible. Other footpath issues which have been dealt with over the past 2 months. Cllr Brenchley/Clerk to report.
(e) Older childrens’ play equipment – ideas/prices. Deferred until a Site visit can be made. Consider CC Grant towards one piece of equipment.
(f) WW2 commemorations in Durley. It has been suggested that 8th May, 2021 might be a possible date.
(g) School Crossing Project. Clerk to update.

5. County Councillor’s Report: CC Humby.

6. District Councillors’ Reports: DC Humby, DC Miller and DC Mclean. Updates sent through as guidance is updated.

7. Public Participation items by invitation of the Chairman.

8. Correspondence:

(a) Various e-mails, information and Updates have been received during the current emergency and they have been forwarded onto Councillors or put on the website as appropriate.
(b) Updating the Durley Parish Plan.
(c) Churchyard maintenance donation.
(d) Mobile phone signal in Durley – Cllr Childs.
(e) Report on Southern Parishes Meeting (3.8.20) – Clerk.
(f) HGV vehicles travelling along Heathen Street/Chancellors Lane complaint.
(g) Letter regarding Greening Campaign from WCC.
(h) Insurance renewal for 2020-21.
(i) NALC Pay Review for 2019-20 & 2020-21 for Clerks.

9. School Report:

10. Recreation Ground Report: Restrictions at the Recreation Ground. The rubber handles on the rocker see-saw have been replaced. The veranda of the Pavilion has been repaired. Cllr Watts to report on any other issues.

11. Sawmills Report: Cllr Rutherford to report on any issues. Inspection of buffer area.

12. Neighbourhood Watch Report: Cllr Watts to report on any issues.

13. Highways Report: Cllr Rappini to report on any issues. Concerns expressed by residents about the closure of Wangfield Lane – response from HCC Highways. Consider 3 highways issues to highlight to HCC.

14. Financial Transactions: Financial Report and cheques to be agreed.

15. Hall: Hall Bookings are gradually being increased. Dishwasher installed and room redecorated. Handrails in car park and front and back doors have been varnished whilst Hall closed.

16. Planning:

20/00962/HOU. Mr K Biggs. To alter an existing 4m access to 8.5m wide in total by removing some hedgerow and dropping kerbs. 2 Lower Farm, Parsonage Lane, Durley. GRANTED.

20/00784/FUL. For 6 dwellings on land adjacent to Sunnyside, Durley Street, Durley. REFUSED.

20/00824/FUL. Mr Barney. Construction of two buildings to form three holiday lets. Coppice adjacent to Sunbank, Durley Brook Road, Durley. REFUSED.

20/00832/FUL. Mr Davidson. Replacement dwelling and part change of use of agricultural land to garden. Sunbank, Durley Brook Road, Durley. GRANTED.

20/01483/HCS. The winning and working of up to 230,000 tonnes of soft sand with phased working and restoration through backfilling with up to 435,000 tonnes of clean inert waste/materials, associated internal access routes, plant and infrastructure. Five Oaks Farm, Winchester Road, Shedfield. This is a HCC Application and concern is expressed regarding the highways for this additional amount of traffic.

Any planning applications or decisions received after this Agenda is printed, but received before 8th September will be put to this Meeting for a decision so that Planning deadlines can be met.

Mrs A Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council
2nd September, 2020