5 Parish Councillors, County/District Councillor Humby, the Clerk – Mrs A Collins and 1 parishioner were present.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from Cllr Bartlett, Cllr Pitter and
District Councillors Miller and Mclean.

Declarations of Interest declared.



(a) Church Copse replanting – any update. Complaints have been received from residents in Greenwood Lane that a further removal of trees has taken place to make a potential entrance. This is causing concern and Clerk has asked if this potential entrance would require permission from HCC or WCC. CC Humby said that Simon Finch at WCC should be informed. Clerk will write to Simon and copy CC Humby into the e-mail.

(b) Double yellow lines at Beech Corner and end of Manor Road update. Councillors were pleased to receive notification that proposed parking restrictions have been shown on a plan – 810402/373/001. This will be for double yellow lines at the end of all lanes on the cross roads at the top of Wintershill and at the staggered junction outside of Beech Corner Garage. Durley Parish Councillors have been asking for this safety measure to be taken for many years and it is supported by the Durley Parish Plan. County and District Councillors also offer their full support. Clerk will respond to Corinne Phillips with our support for the scheme to go ahead as soon as possible.

(c) Consultation on Sawmills Highway proposals. Letters were sent out to all residents living in The Sawmills. Clerk read out the responses and Councillors agreed that the majority of residents who responded wanted no parking restrictions, but did want clear road markings to show which driver has right of way. Clerk will write to Andy Smith with the results of the Consultation.

(d) Response from Curdridge PC regarding closure of Wangfield Lane. Curdridge PC was in favour of a road closure along Wangfield Lane. As this road closure would lessen the traffic through Curdridge and they were consulted, along with Botley PC Durley Parish Councillors felt that it was not fair to expect Durley residents to have the lanes through Durley becoming more of a rat-run than it already is. A letter of Objection has been sent from Durley Parish Council. Many residents have also sent in their objection to the road closure.

(e) Community Pay-back Scheme. Cllr Charles and the Clerk met with Jeff Harris the Supervisor of the Scheme and discussed the suggestions that had come forward for work with the volunteers. Jeff said that they hope to spend around 3 days in August at the Recreation Ground clearing the long grass and weeds and also re-painting the multi-surface court equipment. Other work will be carried out at the Hall and on the highways in Durley at a later stage.

5. COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: CC Humby reported that a Consultation is in process at the moment to consult with residents on how they feel savings could be made at HCC throughout the County. These savings are required for the Budget next year. CC Humby also reported that the recycling tips are going to be open as they are at the moment. The City Bus Station in Winchester is being re-vamped and is going onto the next Phase. CC Humby also explained to Councillors how joining up funding for road schemes is working. CC Humby is also chasing up the results of the Area Wide Traffic Survey which was carried out.

6. DISTRICT COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS: DC Humby, DC Miller, DC Mclean. There was no separate District Report as CC Humby included District matters in his County Report.

7. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ITEMS BY INVITATION OF THE CHAIRMAN. One parishioner was present to hear any updates concerning the serving of an Enforcement Notice to the Gypsy Site owner in Durley Street and to ask if the Parish Council has considered village gateways to the entrances in the village. Cllr Charles said that these gateways are being considered and costs are being sought by the Durley Parish Plan Team at the moment. It was agreed that they would enhance the entrances to the village.

Some Councillors were concerned that articles put into the Parish magazine which contained Parish Council information were put in without the knowledge of the Parish Council. Some residents assumed that these articles were put in by the Parish Council and this was not correct. Clerk was asked to contact Robin Whiteside and ask who monitors the content of the the Parish magazine.


(a) Winchester Passenger Transport Forum – Report by Cllr Pitter. In the absence of Cllr Pitter Clerk read out a written report of the Forum. At the Forum held on 26.6.17 it was noted that Stagecoach was the main bus provider for the Winchester area and they travelled 2.2 million miles per year on the various routes, carrying 3.2 million passengers. This represents a 20% increase over the past 10 years. All the new buses have WI-FI and contactless card readers to speed up the paying process. Present and future cuts from HCC will not affect the Stagecoach bus service in our area. Winchester Bus Station will be closed for a re-vamp on 14th July and will re-open at the end of September – pick-ups and dropping off will be in the Broadway.

(b) Churchyard maintenance donation for 2017. Cllr Farr proposed that we make a donation of £200 as we did last year. Cllr Charles seconded this proposal. All Councillors present were in agreement. Clerk will send on a cheque.

(c) Live for the Future Newsletter – June, 2017. This was noted.

(d) Report on Parish Plan Meeting – 27.6.17. Cllr Charles reported that no further feedback has been received from the website about any events which residents would like arranged in the village. One family have taken up an allotment in Albany Road. If there is sufficient interest then we would try and arrange an Apple Picking Day. A Village Market/Table Top Sale is to be arranged and if it is a success then future days will be organised. Village Entry signs are being discussed and costs will be sought. Village gateways will also be considered at the same time.

(e) Report on BW/Botley Bridleway Trail – 6.7.17. Clerk attended this Meeting and said that Dedication Agreements were going to be drawn up for Landowners in the BW area which had been agreed in principal to the project. However, Landowners in the other sections were still not going to allow the Trail through their land. A letter will be written to Cowplain Turf Co again, although they have refused twice to allow the Trail on their land.

(f) Play Inspection Reports – arrange a site Meeting. It was agreed that the Clerk would suggest dates for a Site Meeting at both the Recreation Ground and The Sawmills Play Areas to view the equipment.

(g) Launch of Winchester Traveller Development Plan Document. Consultation period commences on 10th July and ends on 4th September. Councillors agreed that any comments would be sent to the Clerk so that a response could be made if required.

(h) Winchester Sport and Leisure Park – July Engagement. This was noted.

9. SCHOOL REPORT: Response regarding PC comments on recent highways proposals. Clerk read out response from Holly Wood regarding the response agreed at our last Meeting. Councillors still agreed that this was a reasonable response and hoped that the School would act on our comments in the interests of everyone in the Durley community. CC Humby would take our comments on board and discuss with the School that although we agree in principle to the proposals and we obviously take the safety of children very seriously, we do expect parents to help and park appropriately.

10. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH REPORT: Sgt Gilmore has sent an e-mail to warn Parish Councils that travellers were being evicted from a Park and Ride in Winchester. Recreation Grounds and open spaces should be locked.

11. HIGHWAYS REPORT: As Cllr Pitter was not at the Meeting, no Report was given.

12. FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Councillors agreed invoices presented by the Clerk and signed cheques as agreed.

13. HALL: Hall Management Committee Report – 22.6.17. Cllr Smith reported that the Hall foyer
has now been completed. Alan Hounsham has been asked to repair the toilet seats. Work in the Hall car park was discussed so that volunteers can carry out the work required. Small tables and trollies have been purchased and the old tables have been given to the Church for use in the Community. Cllr Smith and Bartlett will clear out the under-stage area. The freezer which keeps tripping out the electrics will need to be disposed of. This belongs to Durley Luncheon Club. It was agreed that Cllr Farr will look into the cost of purchasing a small table top freezer which could be used to replace the old one. To enable more use to be made of the Committee Room consideration is being given to putting in an additional window so that more light can get into the room. It is hoped that this room might be then used for elderly residents during the day-time for activities.

14. RECREATION GROUND: Cllr Watts to report. Report on Site Meeting held on 29.6.17. Cllr Charles, Clerk and Peter met with Mr Nicholls, the owner of Mistletoe Downe and it was agreed that the hedge would be cut down by Peter and then we would see what else needed to be trimmed. A Tree Surgeon would be used to crown a couple of the trees which needed attention. The veranda has been replaced at the entrance of the Pavilion.


17/01291/HOU. Extension to existing dwelling. Alem House, Durley Street, Durley.
Councillors agreed that a comment would be made that the proposed plans are over-development of the original site and should be reduced.

17/01531/HOU. Single storey rear extension. Oaklands, Durley Street, Durley. Councillors agreed that no comments would be made on this application.

17/01362/HOU. Proposed alterations to double garage previously approved under planning application 15/02793/FUL. Well Cottage, Mincingfield Lane, Durley. Councillors agreed that they had no objection to this application provided that the building is used as a garage and storage area not as a dwelling.

Update on Enforcement Notice to be served on land next to Berkeley Farm, Durley Street, Durley. Clerk reported that the Enforcement papers are with the Legal Department at WCC. The Enforcement Officer is visiting every week. Hopefully the Legal papers will be served soon.

CLOSED AT 9.45 p.m.