Durley Parish Council held its Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 12th July, 2016 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall. 6 Parish Councillors and the Clerk – Mrs Anne Collins were present. Cllr Charles Chaired the Meeting.

Apologies were received from Cllr Pitter, CC/DC Humby, DC Mclean and DC Miller.

Clerk has written to three Contractors to obtain a quote for the drainage work in the play area at The Sawmills. One Company showed an interest and another one suggested a Company who might be better able to carry out the work. Clerk will write to them and ask for a quote. Cllr Smith said that the Village Green area is drying out now that the grass is being cut shorter.

Flooding in Durley has been the worst it has ever been in recent years. Beech Corner, Durley Primary School, Heathen Street, Parsonage Lane and Wintershill were the worst affected areas. Many properties were flooded including the School and Pumping Station. Regular flooding at Beech Corner has been a continuous battle over the last 10 years and CC Humby has been working to try and resolve the problem. He has now held Meetings with HCC and a large culvert under Snakemoor Lane is hoped to be installed and historic ditches will be reinstated in that area of Durley. The School will also be offered more advice on measures that could be taken to ease the risk of flooding. Cllr Delmege asked if the Brook could be checked to see if the flow of water is not blocked further down stream. This was carried out some time ago, but the Clerk will ask for a more recent inspection as this could ease the problem a little if it is kept clear. Parsonage Lane also needs a new larger culvert under the road. A request will be put in to CC Humby.

Cllr Burton was thanked for getting the new Village website up and running. After final checks are made it will go live very shortly. The website will be www.durleyvillage.com All village information will be placed on this website so if any organisations have information they wish to put on the website then please get in touch with Cllr Burton on durleyvillage@outlook.com

Some of the 30 mph new wheely bin stickers have been distributed along Durley Brook Road. Many residents are putting them onto bins. Requests have been made from other residents living in other lanes in Durley so 100 more stickers will be purchased.

CC Humby was not able to attend the Meeting as he had to be at another Meeting, but he sent the Clerk a Report on the recent Flood Management Meeting he had with HCC representatives regarding measures that could be taken to future proof Beech Corner residents and Durley Primary School from flooding. CC Humby will keep us updated with any progress. Councillors were very grateful for CC Humby’s support on this matter as he has visited the area when flooded many times and is aware how much this is affecting residents.

The Chairman and Clerk attended a Devolution Meeting with the WDAPC in Whitely and reported Hampshire’s views to Councillors. Cllr Charles also attended a Meeting for Parish Council Chairmen to discuss the work of Parish Councillors for a study with Leicester University.

Cllr Watts attended the recent PACT Meeting in Bishops Waltham. The Meetings now include more parishes which means that the larger parishes dominate more of the Meeting. Residents were reminded to keep their hedges cut down so that criminals cannot hide behind them to commit a crime. We have no PCSO in Durley at the present time. Fly-tipping is a big problem and there are 6 – 8 cases being investigated at the moment. At the Meeting it was menionted that CC Humby is able to obtain funds for a speed indicator sign so the Clerk will investigate this and see if we can obtain a mobile one for Durley which could be moved around the village.

Cllr Farr has reported the speed signs which have come down in Durley Brook Road and the Clerk has reported a sink which has caused a large hole outside of Beech Corner Garage. The sink has now been coned off by HCC whilst they investigate. The Pay Phone sign at the end of Church Lane has now finally been removed – with help from CC Humby. Cllr Delmege reported that there appears to be an increase in HGV lorries going through Durley Brook Road recently to Boorley Green. This will be kept monitored.

Fly-tipping in Greenwood Lane and various other areas in Durley is becoming a huge problem. CC Humby, along with Cllr Weston are looking into what can be done. Clerk was asked to write to CC Humby and ask if the cameras purchased by WCC could be used in Durley with a view to prosecuting the offenders. Lorry loads are being dumped in the middle of our lanes and although WCC are quick to come out and pick it all up it is not acceptable.

The HALC AGM is to be held on Saturday 22nd October in Hartney Wintney. The Chairman and Clerk will try and attend.

Councillors discussed the Botley By Pass proposals and agreed with the proposals. However, they also supported the views of the Eastleigh Ramblers’ to provide a footpath/cycleway/bridleway at the same time, as this would be an ideal opportunity to provide such a facility. It was also agreed that additional car parking spaces should be provided at Botley Railway Station as this would get used more with additional development planned for the area.

Complaints have been received from residents at The Sawmills that someone has dumped tree trimmings in the buffer area between the affordable homes and the most recent houses to be built. Clerk has written to all residents in The Sawmills and ask that the trimmings be removed within the next two weeks. All residents keep this area very tidy and take pride in their surroundings and Parish Councillors hope that once the trimmings have been removed this will not happen again.

The Hall Meeting has had to be postponed until August due to Councillor commitments.

Anne Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council