Durley Parish Council held their Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 11th February, 2020 in the Ken Stainer Suite at Durley Memorial Hall. Cllr Delmege (Chairman) chaired the Meeting. Also in attendance were Cllr Childs, Cllr Watts, Cllr Rutherford, Cllr Miller, Cllr Brenchley, the Clerk (Mrs Anne Collins), County/District Councillor Humby, District Councillor Mclean, and 4 parishioners.

Apologies were received from Cllr Rappini, District Councillor Miller, Kirstie Baines and Nick Apps.

Cllr Delmege said that he has now moved the speed indicator sign to The Sawmills to monitor speed in this area after many complaints from residents regarding speeding vehicles in and out of the development. Options will also be looked at to site the SID sign in Parsonage Lane and Durley Street.

Clerk has asked for a date for our Public Broadband Meeting, but at the Meeting no date was given. (However, since the Meeting a date has been agreed for Friday 15th May, 2020 at 6.30 p.m. in Durley Memorial Hall).

A Meeting was held on 3.2.20 with some youngsters to discuss what sort of play equipment they would like in Durley. Ideas were given to Councillors and these will be taken forward so that prices can be sought and then Grants applied for.

A Cabinet to house the defibrillator outside of Durley Primary School will be purchased and sited on the outside wall. This will then enable the School to use the defibrillator but also anyone who is authorised to need one at this location in Durley.
The Clerk has finalised the arrangements for payment of the School crossing and we are now waiting for HCC to carry out the work.

The WW2 Commemorations in Durley are going well and Cllr Delmege and the Clerk reported on a Meeting held on 6.2.20 which outlined the detailed planning for the Social Event on Friday 8th May and the Street Party on 10th May. Flyers will be delivered to each household informing them of the dates and the events.

The two landscape bins have now been sited outside Durley Memorial Hall in the car park, and opposite Durley Primary School. These can be used for litter and dog waste.

At the previous Meeting questions were asked regarding the possible closure of Wangfield Lane and damage to verges and mud on the road in Manor Road. The Clerk has made enquiries and it has been confirmed that there are no plans to close Wangfield Lane and HCC have confirmed that there is little they can do to stop damage to verges and mud on the road in Manor Road.

The Chairman and Clerk reported on the recent Southern Parishes Group Meeting which was held on 3.2.20. The main topics of discussion were the way that the Group was run and administered and speakers for future Meetings.

County Councillor Humby gave a County Council Report informing Councillors that there will be a full Council Meeting to set the Budget for HCC and it is proposed that the Council Tax will increase by 4%. CC Humby spoke about the Budget for the highways network and an additional £2m for Climate change. He also spoke about the recent storm which claimed a life in Hampshire. Various highways problems were reported to CC Humby and the Clerk will confirm these in an e-mail. A resident asked about a bus stop on the roundabout at Boorley Park which causes traffic problems. CC Humby will investigate whether this is a permanent bus stop or a temporary one.

District Councillor Mclean gave a District Councillors’ Report. He said that a recent Planning Meeting had to be cancelled as there were not enough Applications to warrant a Meeting. He also stated that Bishops Waltham Pond is ¾ full so it shows how high the water table is this winter.

A developer attended the Meeting to outline his proposal for a development of 6 houses on land adjacent Sunnyside, Durley Street. Cllr Delmege outlined that Durley has no housing allocation in the current Winchester Local Plan and that our Parish Plan showed that the majority of residents did not want additional development. However, when the updated Winchester Local Plan is adopted we would know what the position is on housing allocations. Durley Parish Council would then consult their residents.

Clerk has reported a dumped caravan in Manor Road and fly tipping in Greenwood Lane. The caravan has now been removed.

The Clerk gave a Financial Report and the Internal Auditor has carried out the ¾ Year Internal Audit which was satisfactory.

Cllr Miller said that everything was running smoothly at the Hall at the moment and it was hoped that a further Hall Meeting can be arranged soon. Clerk reported that everything is in place to install the dishwasher into the former Post Office Room and a County Councillor Grant will go towards the cost of installing a new circuit board and electrics required. There was interest in running a Youth Club again in Durley once a month for youngsters of secondary school age.

Anne Collins
Clerk to Durley Parish Council